Possible MS-advice please


I’m very new to everything with MS I haven’t had an official diagnosis yet.

Bit of background
Had quite a lot of issues and diagnosed with ME several years ago.
Started with new symptoms, recently saw an ophthalmologist who said I think you have MS i will refer you to Neurology for an mri. I was in quite a bit of shock, told i’d receive a letter in the post.

My worries are im having issues with blurred vision, nystagmus and struggling with walkinv with my legs (amoungst a long list of other symptoms)

My question is what have other people done while waiting for scand and offical diagnosis?
I’m really not feeling well with current symptoms but who do I go to? A&E for neuro symptoms? My GP ? Or do i just wait to see a neurologist? Ive been told its a long wait.

Any advice would be very grateful.

Thank You

Hello @kitty-kat-25
I have heard there is some overlap with ME and MS symptoms but, if your opthalmologist also suspects you have MS then their referral letter to the neurologist will state this; I went down this route when I had total vision loss in one eye, due to optic neuritist, 20+ years ago.
It was just the start of a long road to dx of multiple sclerosis, I can remember.
If you feel you’re really struggling at the moment with symptoms, it’s a good idea to visit A&E; occasionally the body knows it’s time for a visit like when I get struck down with a really heavy relapse and I just can’t cope anymore --a prescription of prednisolone steroid usually helps get me back on track.
Hope the wait for your neurology appointment isn’t too long but, if you’re really struggling and desperately seeking medical assistance, that’s what A&E is there for.

Thank you for replying, it seems quite a few people have started their MS route from issues with their eyes.
I just thought I needed glasses but my vision is perfectly fine. Well not fine but you no what I mean.
If things get worse I will go to A&E but I guess I’ll just have to wait for my MRI scan and Neurology appointment.