Hi, concerned

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure that i’m in the right place but here goes.

March this year I was diagnosed with optic neuritis and sent for an MRI, i’m claustraphobic so opted for a CT scan instead (didn’t know then what I know now).

Neuritis cleared up within about a month (still some vision loss), I went back to see the opthamologist and the drops he put in my eye aggravated the neuritis but a week later had improved.

Sunday, I started with a sunburn/numb type feeling in my left leg so of I trot to the doctors who suggested it could be MS and refered me to a neurologist. I can’t get an apointment till August so i’m kind of stuck now (and very worried).

The feeling on the skin on my leg is improving but I have a very numb and painful to touch foot (if that makes sense).

Does this sound like a symptom? I’m so worried.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, yes, you are in the right place and welcome aboard!

Eye problems are common in MS as are your other symptoms.

The best thing has been done…a referral to a neuro.

When I began with falls and spasms, my GP told me there was a 10 month wait to see a neuro.

I panicked and made a private appointment for the week after.

He did suspect MS and ordered tests.

it cost me £200 back in 1999 for the consultation. he advised me to transfer to the NHS and i saw him there later.

I realised some time later, that there was no point trying to rush an appointment, as the wait wouldnt have made any difference to the outcome.

I know August seems a long way off, but it will come soon enough.

If you feel you cant wait, then you could go private like i did.

luv Pollx