Undiagnosed but a couple of questions

Hello everyone, I am not yet diagnosed with MS, despite my gp seems very worried that it’s a strong possibility. I am due to see a neuro in the next few weeks, just waiting on an appointment. Over the last year, my symtoms have steadily worsened, numbness, balance and walking, pins and needles, fatigue etc. Yesterday, after a few good days, I overdid it, as we do, and ended up in bed for two hours, and still slept like a baby last night. This morning, I could stay in bed all day I am that tired. Last night while watching tv, I started with an horrendous pain in my ribs on the left side, not all the way round. I have never experienced pain like it, but have heard of the ms hug and wondered if it maybe something to do with that. About half an hour later, I started with a visual disturbance. I thought it was an ocular migraine starting, but it just remained no more than a small blind spot, blocking out a part of my vision. It lasted until I went to bed, and this morning my eye feels swollen. Does this happen to anyone else? TIA SJB71

Hi Tia, it does sound like MS hug and maybe MS eyes too.

As you are still awaiting diagnosis, it is hard to put it all down to MS.

I used to have an MS nurse, even though I wasn`t diagnosed. Do you have one?

if so call her, but otherwise keep a list of symptoms for when you see a neuro.

Yes, you know when you`ve overdone things.

Hope you feel better soon hun.

luv Pollx

Thanks poll, I don’t have an MS nurse as yet, I have an appointment next month, so fingers crossed I start getting somewhere. I try not to think about symptoms too much, however irritating they may be, but the pain and discomfort last night was pretty horrific, which made me start thinking. The eye stuff was a nuisance more than painful, but the rib pain was making me struggle to breathe properly. I guess it will all come out in the wash, eventually. Xx

Even though you are already on the conveyor belt towards a neuro appt, I think you should tell the GP straight away about the visual disturbance. He/she might well want to refer you to your nearest hospital Opthalmology emergency outpatient clinic for assessment. Such clinics normally see you very quickly (that is what they are for - there are things that can go wrong with eyes that need urgent attention). Please do not assume that your eye problems are related to your other ongoing difficulties. They might be, or they might not. Better safe than sorry.