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Old worries, new symptoms...

Just saying Hi,

I’ve been here before about 4/5 years ago…I continued to have tingles in my feet which I’ve largely ignored, its a familiar feeling and I kind of like it.

Recently I’ve developed vertical double vision in my right eye finally took myself off to optician… they have said that the head of the optic nerve is swollen and has said he wouldn’t rule out optic neuritis … my color vision is changeable I don’t know if this is characteristic of ON - sometimes its ok other times really washed out colors. I’ve had pain in the eye on and off too. This all started about 5/6 weeks ago.

Pins and needles in my left hand started about a week ago my fingers feel electric(? for want of a proper description - but its weird) when I press them together…

I’ve spoken to GP yesterday and again said sounding MS’y so I’m back in tomorrow for an exam and they said probably back to Neuro… so back in limbo land again waiting … bit annoyed, bit sad, bit frustrated…

My mind has started racing again and overthinking the exhaustion (whole body aches) after recent walks, the dead left arm feeling I have been blaming on the Covid injection 2 months ago - and what feels like occasional tightness under my ribs which happens when I’m in bed…

Anyways wanted to update and say hi - I remember some of the names from last time … take care all

Tingles xx

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I am sorry that things are bubbling up for you again. Not welcome news for you, and I know well that feeling of ‘how long can I steadfastly ignore this odd stuff before I have to acknowledge its presence’. I’m glad you’re in the system now, and it’s just a matter of letting it play itself out. For sure, MS is one of the things they will want to exclude, but that doesn’t mean that’s what you’ve got. Only time and investigation will tell. I hope that you get some clarity soon - preferably of the reassuring sort!

The tightness under your ribs could be the MS hug. Sometimes just changing positions can ease it.

Thank you both for taking the time to reply to me.

I had my GP appointment… and after being prodded to make sure I could feel stuff and pushing and pulling on him he has said that my left side is a little weaker (but then it always has been). He asked me questions and I answered telling him that Id assumed the covid vaccine had triggered the ‘ive been punched’ feeling in my arm and potentially the sensations in hand/fingers too - and that my tiredness after recent days out/walks is probably because I’ve sat in my home office and worked solidly through COVID (to the point I’m a bit oblivious to the fact it is there), and haven’t done any exercise for a long while…

Anyway he said maybe (so I’m holding onto that) but has referred me into Neuro to be checked over.

Guess I will float around in the background for a while.

Noras Mum - I had thought the hug was more painful than a little pressure - it felt like braxton hicks just on the one side.

Anyways take care all


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Blood test results - I now have an appointment with the GP as there is something up with the parathyroid hormone- This is all I could get out of the receptionist - I dont know if high or low… long shot but does anybody have any experience of low/high levels? Im imagining it all links back to MS anyway (as everything else always does) but this may be able to explain my symptoms (small whoop)
take care

My hugs vary a lot. Most of the time it’s just like a bad case of indigestion but in the wrong place. Other times I just get painful pressure on one side of the rib cage.

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So blood test results are considered not too bad - PTH is low - but calcium and phosperous (sp??) is fine - they want to repeat the blood test to check this.

I was awoken from sleep last night after the bottom of my left leg lit up with pins and needles… my tingles are louder in my left foot than the 5 year normal and they are in my leg also too - the side of my knee also feels like it has been punched ( like my arm)… No news from Neuro … so just keeping on diddling

Oh I picked up my glasses on Saturday - the prism in the right eye takes the double vision away - it is a great help - my eyes dont feel as tired now :smile:

Take care all
Emma x

Hey tingles
Just wondered if you had any updates? I’m in a similar position constant pins and needles in feet / bottom of legs, feel twitches in body, doctors put down to stress - I’m very relaxed in nature so this was a bit suspect. Since then I’ve had a tight feeling in my foot/shin. Still waiting for neuro appt I was referred in October so guessing that could be some time yet.
Happy New Years!
Thanks Lucy