Hi I was reading a post earlier in which​ some members were talking about UTIs. I didn’t realise that it was a big problem for people with MS.

I used to get them regularly before I was diagnosed with MS and so I started using Sanex shower gels etc. or similar and have not had one since.

I know this is not going to work for everyone as I imagine some of you have already tried similar, but if deffinately works for me.

Hi Jaycie

I think UTIs can be very problematic for everyone. But the reason lots of people with MS suffer frequent UTIs is that they either have trouble emptying their bladder (so there’s a residue building up bacteria) or have trouble just starting to wee. Fairly often, people with MS end up having to use intermittent self catheterisation (not as scary as it sounds), which helps to empty the bladder but can be a reason in itself for causing UTIs.

So it’s just a matter of keeping as clean as possible and making sure you are emptying properly. Sanex is definitely a good way of making sure you stay clean but without perfumes etc.


i self catheterise which is a great help because i tend to retain so much that sometimes i can’t pee at all.

i take a maintenance dose of trimethoprim (1 tab per day) and haven’t had a UTI since starting this.

it appears that if i’m constipated i can’t pee.

if i can’t pee it makes me constipated!

my continence nurse said it’s because there is limited space in the abdominal cavity.

it’s a complicated business this toileting!