Newbie but caring a long time


Im new here, i meant to join before but kept putting it off. Living in denial I suppose. I was a young carer for my Mum who has ms. Still doing it yet. I struggle a lot with being a carer, but thats a story for another day

Mum has primary progressive ms. I wanted to ask whats the best way to prevent uti’s as she keeps getting them and getting quite poorly each time - and ending up in hospital

Hi Tooblue. I’m a male and my knowledge of UTIs is more or less restricted to the days when my Dad kept getting UTIs as a result of having a catheter and Mum, who had dementia, would get them aswell… One thing I do know is that hygiene is really important and in the case of women (sorry for going into details) always make sure that when wiping/ cleaning bottom she wipes ‘backwards ‘ and doesn’t go anywhere near her urethra. As you no doubt know, women have pretty short urethras and it is relatively easy to get UTIs. Also drink plenty of fluids