UTI - water infection's

Hey everyone,

hope your as well as can be, I have had 2 water infections, first no symptoms so had it over 6 months which I ended up in hospital for weeks then rehab, I used to manage round house with one stick, until I got the infection that was left untreated for months, it reduced my mobility really bad, I am still bad.

I wake up with terrible back pain every morning it eases after a while, but my bladder got worse urgency in mornings and during day if I drink loads I try not to drink after 9pm but I drink lots during day started on barley water.

Any advice on improving bladder and walking?

my mum doesn’t like me taking drugs that aren’t approved for ms, I was only diagnosed last September and my walking is worse then those who’s had it for years, balance is bad due to stiffness/tightness in both legs I’m on tizanadine 4mg 3 times a day, I am going to do the exercises my ms nurse sent me that ms society created, I don’t see neuro now until February.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Marie x

Marie UTI’ s tend to knock me for six have you tried any other stuff like baclofen or just plain old painkillers?

Get back onto your MS nurse, mine in a always my first port of call.

Hope you are soon back up and firing on all cylinders.


Yeah tried baclofen on max dose hospital put me on tizanadine Senna and lactolose for bowels I just use Senna now, ms nurse saw me in hospital and I spoke over phone to nurses who gave me exercises but stiff legs causes my balance to be very wobbly my bladder and bowels won’t improve until I become mobile I’m only 35 I shouldn’t be this bad I was very mobile in 2013 then stiffness and eye sight started anterior uveitis secondary to multiple sclerosis.

Thanks X

Hugs, I suffer awful bowel problems and that at times has caused UTI’ s even scepticemia which hospitalized me. So what I am saying in my best strictly voice is"keep on going" do you watch strictly? If not that’s lost on you.


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Not lost on me Don! I love Strictly and can’t wait for it to start properly on Friday night.

Nina x

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Have you been referred to urology? NICE guidelines recommend it for people with MS who have had two or more UTI’s in a year. My nurse told me this today as I too am having recurrent UTI’s. First step apparently is a bladder scan to check for signs of retention. Oh the joy.

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Yeah spent a week on urology ward in hospital, before I went rehab I had a bladder scan it was empty, just cause my mobility is bad neuro said it can take a long time to improve, my bladder is emptying when I go I can tell by pressing hard on stomach if it’s not empty.

First infection I had about 6 months I had no signs I just wasn’t emptying a bladder nurse came to house though she would have tested me but didn’t so first one I got last year just lasted a long time, I keep getting shooting pains in my arm is that a ms thing?

Thanks x