UTI still causing discomfort

I developed a UTI on New Year’s Eve (probably had it for at least a week). I was started on Nitrofurantoin but it failed, then cephalexin, but that also failed. I’m on the final day of trimethiprim and although there’s no sign of infection ( dip sticks & hospital test negative) I’m still feeling the need to wee every hour and the GP suggested I go back to intermittent catheterisation. I did last night but it hasn’t stopped the full bladder/urge to wee sensation and I feel discomfort from the catheterisation now as well.
I’ve taken lots of pro biotics and kefir and waterfall D mannose daily.
My temperature is fine, blood pressure high through disturbed sleep. Not feeling too brilliant- weak.
How long should it take to settle?
I’m supposed to start Ocrevus on 15 February but not if this isn’t cleared up.
Any tips, advice and thoughts are welcome.

Hi Jools, think we spoke some time back. Good to see your name.

I had a really nasty uti last year and it knocked me sideways. Had botox put in bladder last month and it has settled.

I have a supra pubic catheter and am paraplegic.


Thanks so much Bouds. I ended up in A&E on Saturday night (always the worst time to be there). No infection in bloods or urine & the on call neuro said it was bladder spasms triggered by the UTI but they couldn’t do anything about it in A&E.
I researched bladder spasms, found a US study on Botox and pregabalin for bladder spasms and both are effective, botox more so.
Luckily I had some left over pregabalin from MS nerve pain relapses so took 50mg last night. It has definitely helped.
I suspect I will need a similar catheter to you in time.
I’m sorry that you still get infections. I always assumed the op would remove them.
I remember reading that most people with spinal damage/injury would prefer to have complete control of their bladder as their number one priority.
I agree. I can handle most pain and most relapses but the bladder infections and spasms are the pits.
Wishing you well.

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