Uterine E-Coli

Just wondering if anyone has had uterine e-coli. I was diagnosed with it on thursday and have worried myself sick as its been undiagnosed for a while worried my kidneys are going to pack in. Just need to know if anyone else with rrms has had it and what the recovery rates are. Feeling really isolated and currently kinda hpusebound with this awful fatigue i have too. x

Hi, I’m a bit confused - uterine refers to the uterus, urerteric refers to the ureters (tubes from kidney to bladder). I would see your gp if you are concerned and request a blood test which will quickly show any anomalies with kidney function. Hope you feel better soon x

my ms nurse told me i have uterine e-coli. This has been caused by water retention. Basically oxybutynin (which i’d been prescribed for urgency) has caused me to retain urine and could not catheterise as bladder constantly in spasm. So end result stagnant wee has given me uterine e-coli.

I hope that makes sense to you. Finding it ever so hard to find the right words for what i want to say.

I just want to know if any of you have had it or know of anyonee who has x

i know what uti is. i ve been having them for months. yes UTI E-COLI.

im getting really upset trying to ask you. yes i have uti - yes i have e-coli - have any of you had both? getting answers from nobody and lost all trust in my gp as it turns out they have contaminated my samples for months by giving me incorrect bottle and the then swapped bottles after i’d given the sample in. this made it contaminated and i was never informed of this until early last week.

sorry im getting really emotional and feel nobody understands. i have no friends and very liittle support :frowning:

Hello, I have just read your post and wanted to try and help. I am newly diagnosed so am reading a lot at the moment. I found this on Patient.co.uk: Pathogenesis Several micro-organisms are known to cause UTI, but the majority of infections will be produced by three organisms: Escherichia coli Staphylococcus saprophyticus Proteus mirabilis I am reading the above as e-coli can be one of the organisms that cause UTI, therefore your UTI has been caused by e-coli?? Hopefully, someone with medical knowledge or experience will help. I just wanted to find some info for you as I don’t like the thought of you upset. Sam x Oh just thought, here is the link for the whole page: Urinary Tract Infection In Adults (Causes, Symptoms and Treatment) | Patient


I’m sorry you’re feeling so upset - I know it can be pretty worrying when we get thoughts of ‘what if?’ going rounf our head without any answers. I’ve had plenty of uti’s in my time and, while they’re not pleasant, they’re generally easily treatable with antibiotics. Has your GP prescribed any? Whenever I have them, they usually kill off the infection by the time I’ve finished the course. On the odd occasion the uti comes back quickly, but then I get another course of drugs to do the trick. I’m also on a daily low dose of antibiotics as a preventative thing.

If you’re not getting answers from your GP, you could try your MS nurse, or call NHS Direct, or maybe even the GP out-of-hours service, as you’ll presumably speak to a different GP then.

Hope that helps you feel a bit calmer, and you get the help you need.


Hi Helen

Yes I have had this! It wasnt picked up by my MS team it was picked up when I had a very small routine op and had to provide a urine sample. I must admit I paniced when they said you have E-Coli. But, with mine it was treated the same as any other UTI. The hospital perscribed an Anti-B that was specifically used to kill the E-Coli. I have many many UTI’s, but the one with E-Coli was the worst symptons wise and that wont be helping how you feel, fatigue and so on.

I can see what you said that your GP has mucked you around a bit - but I am thinking the only way to get the tablets to help is to go to them. Can you get to your GP? Make sure you ask for the correct bottle if they cant be trusted to give you the right one to save them swapping it over and possibly contaminating it. Or, if the hospital (your MS nurse) already know what strain it is - can they not give your GP a call and tell him which one to perscribe?

I really feel for you Helen, its horrid feeling unwell and feeling you have nowhere to turn. You have probably thought all of the above for yourself - and I wish I could offer some more advise.

Let me know how you get on. And I hope you start to feel better soon.xxxxxxxxx

Hi Helen,

I’ve had them too for the same reason as you. I did ISC for quite a few years but constant bladder spasms meant I had to stop. I eventually had botox and a supra-pubic catheter inserted and have not looked back since. I still got infections until I started taking crandberry capsules.

Once you finish a course of anti-b’s I got into the habit of sending a sample off to be checked a week or so after to check the little devils had been killed. This was not always the case!

I hope you get well soon xx