How did you choose yours? My late brother in law once called me his FLOWERPOT which is how I came by that. I didn’t have the wit or imagination to come up with something clever or original or unusual.

Mad about horses and used to have 6 of my own, hence the user name :slight_smile:

I used to be MS43…just a random number with appropriate letters, back when I was tod I had a 95% diagnosis of PPMS.

About 2 years ago, I was campaigning for more Changing Rooms loos countrywide

Somebody here said I sounded like Boudica…the Queen of the Icene tribe, way back in Roman times, well that fits me so well, charging around with red hair and being generally quite boshy!!!


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'cause I are one.


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Heironymous Fracastorius was an early scientist/scholar (15th century) and a crater on the Moon is named after him.

I liked the fact that it was science based, and with a nod towards astronomy too - eternal fascination with that sort of stuff - but my degree was History, and they all sort of met in my user name!


A medical doctor, and are you still doctoring?

Very boringly, cos my name is Sue. On the old site I was sues. Have very little in the way of imagination.


Think mine name says it all

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I tried Janski and it was taken I tried jan1 and it was taken I tried janh and it was taken etc etc etc. now I’m lumbered with janhhh.

Jan x

No, Flowerpot, the accurate answer is that I’m a real one (Just like rizzo if you remember her).
To be precise, a Doctor is someone who holds a Doctoral degree.
Most of the modern GPs are Doctors as well as doctors (look for MD after their name).
Some of the older ones only had an MB (Batchelor of Medicine).
The only real difference is that a Doctoral degree usually requires some research experience.
In my case, as a Cognitive Psychologist, it was over four years of research.
Anyway, I’m retired now. The wake-up call was my first real relapse - I am in hospital having IV steroids, and someone else is in Washington presenting my conference paper. MS has no respect for science.



My cousin’s husband’s name for me - he’s a Londoner and considers me to b a country bumkin!!! Well I’m glad to b a country lass … and actually quite like the name :slight_smile:



My gran gives me one every year Christmas-yum yum


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Loved the limited edition popping candy !

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hi all

this is the word i am always using to myself and my nearest and dearest about how my ms path will go.

i try to be hopeful and positive much of the time.

regards to everyone


Now, if you had just said “can’t remember”…

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Said with a smile, not a meany…

Well, I was told 10 years ago by a group of online friends that I had to change my username. One asked what I wanted to be called, and as I’d just been watching Monty Pythons Life of Brian, I declared ‘I want to be called Loretta’ (although one of my friends calls me Stan – will be lost on those that haven’t seen the film). I assumed my new name around the time I left the ex-a*#@!&e – I mean ex-husband, after finding out he’d been playing away from home (and with more than one other!), so some people assumed I’d picked the name after the infamous Loretta Bobbitt!

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Mrs. Bobbitt was surely Lorena? Whenever I see your username, I always think of Loretta Swit, aka “Hotlips” in M.A.S.H.

My name is after a childhood doll, who in turn was named after a piece of music. “Anitra’s Dance” is a movement from Peer Gynt, by Grieg, which also includes the much better-known “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.

It gets more complicated still, as the music was written to accompany a play. Anitra is a Bedouin princess.

But I’m sure my father - who named the doll - was influenced by the music, not the play.

It’s also a near-anagram of my real name, Tina. Dad might have that that in mind when he named the doll - or perhaps when he named me! Which came first? Am I “Tina” because he was thinking of “Anitra” in the music? We’ll never know!



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OooO! So it is! How strange is that. One person asked me on the forum if that was the reason why, and nobody corrected it. I guess everyone just went along with it being Loretta!

Great story behind your name. It’s always interesting to hear the different stories.

It sent before I finished…

Nice to think that might be how you got your own name too. For me, it was the family dog that picked my name. My parents couldn’t decide on my name. My father wanted one, my mother wanted something else. To settle the argument, they both wrote their preferred name on a piece of paper each, screwed each piece up, and threw them for the dog. Whichever the dog came back with, would be my name… Only my Dad cheated, by putting chocolate drops in with the name he wanted!