Urine retention

Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone could advise me. I feel like i have a bit of urinary retention issues. It doesn’t really annoy me because i can initially pee no problem but once finished, i could, if i wanted, pee again in small amounts if straining… I don’t feel like i have to pee once I’m done but in theory i could. I have a neuro appointment and was given an option of face to face or phone only. My appointment trip includes a plane trip and a night in a hotel so not straightforward. Do you think it’s something i should bring up in person? I’m not at the stage where i feel i need drastic measures but do you know if there are meds for this if it needed helped? Any experience and advice would be very appreciated.

It sounds like it could be hyperactive/tense muscles not relaxing fully when you go. You could keep a log of how often you are going and if you wanted you could also measure the volume - just buy a cheap measuring jug and you’ll be able to see how much comes out. I have no idea what a normal range would be but sure you could easily google it. Then if you’re going lots of times per day and only producing small amounts that would indicate muscles not relaxing properly. I believe this can be helped with some simple physio exercises, again you could prob find on google. If you are producing normal amounts then perhaps it’s a psychological thing now you’ve tuned into it? Maybe try distracting yourself afterwards so you’re not ‘thinking’ about whether you still need to go if you know what I mean?

Hope that helps somewhat. Def mention it to the neuro. I think over phone would be fine :slight_smile:

Are you on any medication? Amitriptyline can make peeing difficult.

Jan x

Hi, I think a phone appointment would be ok. …then there’s covid travel restrictions to consider as well.

I had bladder retention/urgency and needed help as it was an hourly farce and with poor mobility, it really was a problem.

Betmiga is a good bladder calmer to try.



Do you have a bowel and bladder service where you live? If so, you could be referred there by your GP, or possibly self refer. One thing they’d probably do is a bladder scan to see how much you are retaining. If it’s only a little, then there are techniques you can try to empty more fully, from leaning forward at the end of your wee, to ensure you’ve emptied as much as possible to pressing on your stomach to make sure you’ve drained as much as possible.

There are also little gadgets you can get to stimulate the bladder from the outside. They work a bit like vibrators, by vibrating, they ensure you’ve emptied (or that’s the idea!)

Ultimately, if you’re not fully emptying, you could start using intermittent self catheterisation (ISC). This sounds daunting, but it’s easier than you think. But try all the other techniques first.

Have a look at https://mstrust.org.uk/a-z/bladder-problems