URGENT - Suprapubic catheter and Shower care

Hi all,
Once again another question.
My husband had the SP fitted 2nd August. He still has the district nurse who comes maybe twice a week to change the dressing.
I read that it should be everyday it is cleaned but they think differently. I have had to change the dressing twice since she came Monday as the dressing was covered with discharge and some blood, and I was not going to leave hubby with a dirty dressing.

I was told by the incontinence nurse at the hospital that he can have a shower now but to remove the dressing first and then recover with a new dressing after the shower. The District nurse however today said he can have the shower with the dressing on. Ok it is waterprrof within reason but seeing it is cut to go around the Stoma/tubing it will get wet.

What do you think is best…1. remove the dressing first then put on a clean one or 2. Shower in dressing and leave it on?



Caz, lt might be a waterproof dressing - so you could leave it on. lt will soon stop being gungy - and then a smear of babies nappy cream is quite good to help keep it calm. The silver backed dressings are supposed to be left on as long as possible. They draw out all the nasties. But once it starts coming out of the edge of the dressings you need to take them off - shower and put another one on. A little square with a slit cut into the middle and held on with micro-pore tape. You will soon get proficient at doing it.