Hi all

I had a super pubic catheter fitted five weeks ago long story short very serious infections and still trying to get over them.

I’m hoping to eventually get out of this flat and start doing things again!

I was just wondering what people did to hide The hole? Mine still weeps but the dressings Currently being used to keep it clean wouldn’t be ideal long-term because of the pulling and sticking.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


Hello Indiepop

I had an SPC a few years ago and was plagued with wound infections. I did get some dressings from my GP to dress the wound but hated it, nasty gunky cr@p! (The dressings were called Allevyn - try asking your GP for a prescription.)

Eventually I saw the urologist and was so fed up I asked if I could have it removed. She said ‘oh I could sort that in a flash with some silver nitrate’!! (Like, why couldn’t someone have said that sooner?) Anyway, I got her to remove it.

I’m now likely to get her to give me another SPC. This time if it gets infected I’ll be getting in touch with her secretary asap!

Maybe try asking your GP practice nurse what s/he can do? Certainly the creams they offered me were useless, but maybe you’ll have better luck?

Otherwise, try your urologist. Surgeons should be good at wounds!


Hi Sue

Thank you for your reply! I’m more interested in how it’s covered generally as I’ve heard people keep it covered permanently so they don’t have to look at it or their partners.

No I’m covered with dressings for the wound but just for aesthetic of it once it’s healed.

Thank you!

Indie pop

Hi Indie pop

I had one fitted a few years ago as well. Like you, mine still weeps. Nothing has stopped it, so I just accept it and cover it with Mepore dressings. It’s below the waist line of my clothes, so I’m not bothered by how it looks!
You could speak to the district nurses (or whoever changes yours), and see what they suggest. If you find something that helps, let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks Dan. It’s the peeling off I hate …ow :joy: