URGENT - Speedicath Complete Catheters

Hi all,

I thought I would just share a phonecall to me 5 mins ago from Charter Healthcare regarding Speedicath complete catheters for men batch LOT 32000666.

We have been advised to throw away any we have with the above number as product testing have shown they have failed the sterility tests. I asked the man is this one of the reasons my hubby has been in hospital for 2 weeks with a uti caused by E coli?

It is unbelievable…Thank goodness he does not have to use them any more since coming home from hospital with an indwelling one until 2nd August when he has a SPC fitted.


Thanks for the heads up Caz


thanks for the heads up I use those too.will check batch numbers…

Hi all,

I did research on the net and looks like it is not the only time this has happened I didnt get a call before. Makes me think if this is why after sterile procedures by myself and hubby these uti’s occur.

All 3 of the boxes my hubby has are this Lot number…And word of warning they said they will probably have new revised stock August!!!..



Hi Caz, sorry to hear this. I use speedi caths too, obviously the female type. I wonder how safe the female speedi cath is . Do you have any idea how I would check this? I get constant infections, it’s a nightmare! The last thing I would need is dodgy catheaters !!!

keep smiling