Hi, Ladies, I have just discovered the perfect catheter for my needs after 4 years for searching. The speedicath compact eve. It is so simple to use, really discrete, looks like a lipgloss, and it doesn’t hurt like the others do. Just got to hope my doctor will give me the ok to change over xxx

I use Speedicath Compact Plus. It should be easy to swap over. Just tell the delivery company (assuming that’s how you get your catheters). They will then request the correct prescription from your GP. I’ve swapped a couple of times. I agree - they’re small, discrete and easy to use.

I was told that I have to get my GP to ok it and fax prescription off to the company that delivers my catheters. They said that they can’t change it without the ok from my GP for some reason xxx

Bizarre. Which delivery company do you use? I’m with Scripteasy, from what I’ve heard they are one of the best delivery companies. So far it’s never been a problem - 3 1/2 years.

I use sucuricare, it all seems very complicated. I rang me GP, he said he doesn’t know how to change it over on the system, so he told me to email the dispensary telling them the product information and ask them to fax a prescription to sucuricare. Hope this will work. Why is it so complicated? xxx

Do you have a bowel and bladder nurse? If so, ask them for help. If not, try changing delivery companies. If you want the phone no for mine, PM me - you can talk to them and see if it’s possible to swap company and catheter type. The co I use always supply the catheters and then get the relevant prescription from the GP.


Thanks sue, I will see what happens and get back to you. I don’t really want to get my continence nurse involved if I can help it, because although some of her suggestions are really helpful, the catheters I am using now, are the ones that she reconmended and did not seem keen on me trying any others. The reason being that she thinks the compact ones are not long enough, but I don’t find this to be the case at all xxx

If you’re changing to Speedicath compact, go for Compact Plus - they are slightly longer.

Thanks, but it is the compact eve I want to use, as they are the easiest to use and the most discrete xxx