Catheters - NHS no longer prescribing!

Hello My Dr’s surgery have phoned me this evening to tell me the NHS will no longer prescribe Lofric catheters! I am gutted as using catheters makes my life so much easier. The Dr’s have suggested that I find out if there is an alternative that may be available. I don’t know what to do - has anyone else been told this? Thanks Sue xxxxx

i use speedicath catheters and i havent heard anything about NHS not prescribing them.

does the doctor mean for you to find another catheter?

that will be a lot of trying new ones.

good luck

carole x


Seems a strange decision, probably based on money. It won’t help shouting at the doctor though it might make you feel much better.

Don’t know if these are available for women. Try Sauer Continence. Contact Manfred Sauer (UK) 01604 588090. Email is

Good luck


Hi Sue, thats crazy, I use Lofric and havent been told that. Do you have a Adult Bladder clinic in your area? The one I go to are fantastic and communicate with the GP on my behalf if there are any changes. I really hope thats not the case.


Hi Thanks for the responses. I will contact my MS Nurse tomorrow to see if she can suggest an alternative. It is as you say Patrick probably a financial decision as there are currently loads of changes within the NHS and they are always looking for savings. I got the impression that if I can find a cheaper alternative they might prescribe it. Speedicath’s might be an option. Thanks again. I will let you know how things go. Sue xxxx

Just be aware that even if a PCT will not allow NHS prescriptions for something GP’s are allowed to prescribe things on their own budget.

I am aware of this because I am a patient reprehensive on a Dorset PCT group and our PCT will not fund LDN on the NHS which means our neurologist cannot write NHS prescriptions.

This gives you the crazy situation that a GP can prescribe something on the NHS that a Neurologist is not allowed to.

I do not hold out much hope of this actually happening since I am only aware of one GP in Dorset that does this but it might be at least worth asking if the GP will fund what you want on their own budget and see what they say.

Does seem a bit bazar that you are the one looking round for an alternative available on the NHS in your area, I thought that is what doctors were supposed to do. I have often thought we will slowly get to the situation where we do not visit doctors with a relative but take our solicitor instead to start legal proceedings for lack of care or some other legal argument.

Interesting to note that the CCSVI people are starting just such a legal challenge against the NHS.

What an absolutely mad world we live in

What, so you can chase around in a panic and then come to them with the name of another product so that they can say, no they can’t do that one either?

For Heaven’s sake, what is your GP surgery thinking of? First thing I would do is plonk the ball firmly in your GP’s court and insist that he/she comes up with a solution that he/she can supply. Don’t let the lazy sods get away with trying to make this your problem. This is their problem to solve!

I really do think that is scandalous.




I use speedicath and they seem to be fine I couldnt imagine life without them


Hi Sue i found this has happened with one of my meds i am on a 25mg and a 75 mg of the same tab, in January

chemist said the 25mg was out of stock,and i should get e seperate script from the gp and see if any other chemist had any.

I did this and spent and phoned several chemists to see if they had any 1 did and i asked if they would keep them for me, he said if someone else came in before me they would have to give it to them.

When i got there they had indeed given them to someone else but they hadnt been collected yet, so the chemist gave me 1 box and kept the other for the other person.

But whilst i was there he phoned the manufacturer and was told that they no longer make this strenghth of tab.

I had to go back to the GP and he gave me them in 10 mg instead but they had to be ordered and i had to wait 2 weeks for them.Ive now got enought to last me a whilst but i dont know whats going to happen when i need them again.

I realy dont think its right to stop preduction of a med without telling anyone, not even the Gp knew.

I hope that you get your catheters sorted out soon, have you thought of contacting the district nurses they should have a few different ones for you to look at and hopefully will find one to suit you. best of luck.


Oh for heaven’s sake David603 - catheters are not in any way comparable to LDN. Get over yourself. Have a bit of empathy for people with REAL problems.

No one who cares about their catheters, gives a stuff about LDN or CCSVI. Neither are immediate problems when it comes to living with MS.

As usual, you’ve got LDN confused with real and immediate problems and poverty. Get real.

The point is there is a process GP ‘s can use to prescribe or provide something that their PCT will not fund and that is the only point I was making. You cannot possibly say what subjects others have an interest in anyway.