Urgent admission

Hi everyone, So after my post last night ‘been to neurologist’ my neurologist has just called me to say he had been thinking about me all night and wishes to admit me urgently to a neurology ward. Wow this is such a rollercoaster of emotions. Wish me luck!

Good luck, I hope all is well.

Hi I’m new here and I have been taking gilenya for 2 weeks and I have woken up with severe fatigue and my legs are weak and really ache and as I’m writing this my back and neck are also aching and I have slight blurred vision. Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this if there is anyone on here taking gilenya.

Hello Worried Sheep The neurologist was clearly concerned so did exactly the right thing by admitting you. You’ve said he isn’t an MS specialist, so presumably if the tests point that way he’ll pass you on to a specialist. But as we’ve already said, there’s every possibility that it’s not MS at all. MS is such an odd disease, the symptoms could more or less all fit into other diagnoses. So it’s a case of trusting the doctors, not expecting one specific diagnosis and trying not to worry too much. Best of luck. Sue

Thanks for the reply Sue. Yeah I know I’m going with an open mind. I’m still awaiting the admission call though. I’m guessing they are struggling for beds just now

Hello Joey

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Sorry I can’t help with your question.


Keep us posted with what happens. Oh and make sure you take off any jewellery before you go in. You have to remove everything for the MRI (magnets!) and it’s probably better to leave anything at home.

I hope you have some support from family/friends. It’s a scary time for you.


Yes my hubby,friends and colleagues have all been amazing. Thanks for the tip re jewellery, I will be sure to leave things at home.