Urge incontinence & self catheterising

Will self catheterising “cure” urge on continence?

Sorry should read urge incontinence!

I catheterise first thing in the morning and before bed. I don’t have the urgency after I’ve done it as the bladder is then empty but can have it later in the day. I’m currently waiting for botox which will hopefully cure it.



I’ve done it for years. No it won’t cure it but it will help. It empties you completely so I always found it wasn’t so bad if I’d catheterised recently. What about boric is it available in your area? It sorted mine right out and gave me some life back.


Sorry that should be botox! Thank you auto correct

I’ve always assumed that self-catheterisation helps with frequency and makes it less likely you’ll get UTIs. I don’t think it can help much with urgency because that is to do with an abnormal nerve response, rather than having urine in your bladder that you can’t get out (which is what self- catherising sorts out).

Ok thanks. I’m on SOLIFENACIN for an overactive bladder which has helped with the frequency issues, but sometimes I still have urge incontinence. Unfortunately at my last bladder scan the amount of urine I’m retaining has increased so s-c is looking inevitable. I’ve never had a UTI and my kidney function is normal. I was sort of hoping if the s-c fully emptied the bladder it might help with the urgency.


I only get the urge when my bladder’s full. I self catheterise, and from my experience it helps loads simply because, as others have said, it completely empties the bladder. When it was first mentioned to me I resisted doing it for ages, but when I eventually started it I wish I’d started earlier. Fully emptying the bladder meant I knew I would need to go to the loo for a few hours, and that gave me so much more freedom.

If you do decide to go down that route, I hope it works out for you.


(P.S In case you’re worried, it doesn’t hurt at all - the first time I did it I was surprised (and relieved!) at just how little I felt.)

Thank you! I’ve read many reassuring words on the subject. I’m sure I’ll cope.