Update - Starting Copaxone on Thursday

Not been on for a while guys but just thougt I would give a little update.

Feeling rubbish for 3 weeks with Pins and needles in my face!!!! What is that all about!

Anyway - got a phone call this morning and I am starting on copaxone this Thursday. Fingers

crossed it works out and I can soon get on something to deal with symptoms.


Totally changed my diet to eat a lot more healthier; I always ate relatively well, but now i'm

onkly eating fresh food and no processed foods at all. Been doing this for 8 weeks and

definately makes me feel healthier. On the down side I can't afford to eat healthy. Its an

absolute outrage...... My weekly shopping bill has increased by 25% because I eat fresh

fruit, fish and meat. The bottom line is I need to find an extra £2000 a year to eat properly.

Government needs to get on top of this. If I wanted to live offpizza and sausages I would

cost the NHS a fortune (price of my meds aside of course)........ Aghhhhhh just cought

myself going on a rant.

Take it easy all and remember - "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming - What do we do

weeeeee Swiiiiiiiiiim" :-)

Take it easy all.

G :-)

Hi G! I've been ill for almost 3 months - but have feeling a lot better the last week apart from a couple of odd symptoms - I felt well enough to actually go out! So where did I go? Yes Tesco!!! and I spent £101 on healthy food and vitamins! Crazy!!

Keep Swimmin xxjenxxxcool

Hello there G.

As one snapper to another, you reminded me of a time just about 12 yeras ago.  I had just had a heart bypass, and a very nice Cardio nurse wanted to discuss my eating habits.  We went through the whole list of DOs and DONTs, and she was a bit taken aback to find that I already did everything that I was supposed to.  The "Mediterranean Diet" was the big thing at the time (Lots of Olive Oil and Tomatoes) and we just happened to like it.  But, food tastes do change - we eat less onions now, and more leeks (both very versatile in their own way)

The problem we have found with the fresh fruit and veg is that you have to shop very carefully, and very often, to avoid having to throw stuff away.  Some of the supermarkets are not terribly bothered about quality as long as the product looks good in the pack. In particular, some mushrooms can go off very fast, and you dare not buy one of the so-called "Value Packs" because half of them will be no good after two or three days.  That means that you have to be in the shops almost every day.

And on the healthy eating theme - my breakfast used to start with some fresh fruit. Then, the youngest daughter ( a highly trained nurse) started a lecture about how much sugar was in fresh fruit.  So the fresh fruit went, and the weight dropped a bit.  The only complaints have been from the local Blackbirds, who miss the apple and pear peelings.  You can still see them waiting outside the back door for them to be thrown out.

Hi Grazo’s, good to hear from you was wondering how you were getting on.
It’s great that they are starting you on the meds, I have a meeting with the nurse on 27th June, can’t come quick enough. Sorry you’ve been feeling rubbish, keep up the good work on the diet!
Chis x

Thankd guys.... Crazy isn't it. Anyway off to tesco today to spend all the money I don't have :-))))

Oh got the MS nurse out on Monday to teach me how to inject. Should be fun.

Take it easy and stay positive.

Hope it all goes well for you will see from the  arrives today thread,me and Laine both started this journey this week aswell so if you want to join the comparing notes feel free.

It will be my third jab today, so moving from belly to thigh and Im keen to see if it is as painless and trouble free as the others. So far both of us have found it simple,painless apart from slight bee sting that you hardly notice,and easy to do.

As far as I am concerned it also helps your head to know you are doing something proactive against the MonSter rather than it keep doing things to you.

Take care  let us know how it goes


Thanks for that Pip.

Fills me with confidense. 

I think it is exactly as you say. Being able to feel we are doing something is a huge help. That was the main reason I changed my diet. Wanted to feel like I was doing something. Taking control back.

Take care.

G :-)

I have been trying to eat healthy too, not a great fruit lover but do like my veg :slight_smile: shopping is so expensive though I agree 2 of us for a week £80 and that was us watching what we bought!! I also have started eating cereal in the morning something which I’ve never done!..
As for the Copaxone really easy to do never thought I’d manage to stick a needle in myself but I did, just away to do my 2nd one now eeeek…
Take care
Laine x

First injection this morning. Felt ok about it and as everyone said it just stings a bit and then goes away. Not used the auto injector yet. Felt I would be more comefortable with that so tried withouy while MS nurse was here.

Anyway thanks for the support guys.

Take care my fellow enjectees.


ps I think the strangest thing is having my very own sharps box...... Just weird :-)

Well done…
I’m the opposite can’t inject manually need the injector your very brave :slight_smile:
Take care
Laine x