Help ! should I feel this way ?

Hello everyone, I posted a few weeks ago for advice on Copaxone injections and your info was immensely helpful thank you . I have been injecting for 11 days now and have no real problems with ithat part but I feel like death warmed up ! No energy to cook or eat , feel tearful , can’t bath so tired do you think it is the Copaxone because it does have various side effects any advice is welcome please .

Sorry I can,t help you on info but just wanted to say hope you soon feel a lot better.

Someone with the answers you need is bound to come along soon, meanwhile try to rest and relax as getting stressed about the things we can,t do certainly is detrimental.


hi supertramp

i remember feeling very well once the copaxone had got going, probably 2 or 3 months in. so give it more time.

as far as bathing goes - have you got an OT?

my occupational therapist came to my house and asked me to show her where i felt vulnerable.

i had fainted getting out of the bath and unfortunately fell against a door which burst open and i landed at the feet of my 18 yr old son. dont know who was most traumatised!! not a good thing to have your naked mother hurl herself at you!

so the OT told me to stop having baths just showers.

she arranged for someone to come and fit grab rails by the shower.

carole x

Thank you Ell and Carole nice to know . Carole I have an OT assessment soon and your story made me smile though I am sure it wasn’t funny at the time , I hope you were not hurt thank you both it meane a lot to have support x

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Hi supertramp, I had the most crippling nausea (I know, who’d have thought ‘feeling sick’ could be ‘crippling’, but when it’s all day, every day, it can drain the life force right out of you) for about 3 weeks after starting Copaxone. The nausea I’d had before due to brainstem lesions/balance issues but it seemed magnified after starting the Copaxone. Exhausting. But this abated after 3 or 4 weeks and the horrible MS fatigue seemed to lift a few months after that - so it’s definately worth persevering! Even with the offer of oral DMDs I’m reluctant to stop the Copaxone as I feel it’s been very helpful for me so far. I hope things get a bit brighter for you soon!