Copaxone Tomoz

Hi folks im due to start my copaxone tomoz i never read side effects as a rule but 1 in 10 can get plenty of ill effects but it says gastric flu now this bothers me as this sent me into a spiral and was the catalyst that started my PTSD rollin as it started at sea 1 night on the lifeboat which then pulled every negative feelings experiences and sights into a ball, ive only been what i would term as positive this year it has taken 13ys to get to now, im a tad worried as i don’t need a knock back now lifes only just started to be enjoyable , my question is has anyone had these ill effects with copaxone many thanks in advance have a great weekend folks

Respect sheep

I was on copaxone for a year and felt good on it and ms stable, I came off due to skin issues as I got dents from it, I was very thin and didn’t rotate sites enough, mentally I felt really good as I was doing something and I had no side effects good luck x

Thanks Zoe much appreciated great start all went well and then stuck myself lol its gonna be tricky with the tremor but got both pens here so will try other 1 tomoz your comment fills with hope and its much appreciated ty x

Thanks & respect sheep


i have never taken copaxone-just wanted to wish you well with it.


Hi Elle

Many thanks yep major dead leg today so gonna try reducing the depth tomoz to 6mm :slight_smile: but alls good as long as no one knocks my door asking me to go jogging lol :slight_smile:

respect sheep

Was on copaxone for years and it kept me on an even keel to be honest - on Tecfidera now…

Hi Sheep

i was on copaxone for about 5 years. Never had any side effects at all. No injection site problems, no gastric issues, nothing whatsoever. Eventually it stopped working (started relapsing again) but it was pretty much the only drug I’ve ever had that gave me no side effects from start to finish.

Before copaxone I had avonex that gave me horrible cognitive problems and was a lot harder to inject. Since copaxone, I’ve subsequently had no DMD for a couple of years, then 5 months of tysabri, then nothing for another 18 months or so (waiting for the tysabri clinic to start near enough to home) then tysabri again for 3 months before it gave me big time liver problems, then nothing for a year. Now I’m on tecfidera and had pretty rough gastric issues for a month, and mild gastric problems for another 3 months. It’s ok now, but there are still the odd times when I feel a bit nauseous. I just wish copaxone hadn’t stopped working.

Don’t worry about copaxone, it’s generally well tolerated by most people, just make sure you rotate your injection sites. As it’s subcutaneous, you need to find the best places for you that are well enough covered with fat to be comfortable. I found my upper arms were just a bit too weedy and not fat enough to inject there (chance would be a fine thing nowadays!), but stomach, thighs and butt were well enough padded to inject so I just rotated them and aimed for a different spot on each zone to make sure.

By now, you’ve had a couple of days of injecting. Hopefully all has gone well and you’ve had no ill effects. Just let us know if you do, someone is bound to have had experience that’ll help.


Hi Redman & Sue alls going well injecting is far better than adding to the 11 tablets i take on a good day and the 21 i take on bad ones, recovering at the moment from an Angiogram for my angina and heart issues and thankfully all was okay with the arteries no narrowing but my arteries went into a spasm and it felt like he was gutting my arm like a fish so now 24hrs on aching tired and weak but alls good thats the main thing and apart from the odd bit of nausea and flushing ive touch wood been okay on it so far.

Ive had spasms all my life in my arms and back and neck whilst fishing but never felt the pain i did with it it hurt more than when i kicked a car at 70mph with my foot not on purpose i might add lol

respect sheep