Hi everyone I am due to start Copaxone in a couple of weeks has anyone any experience of this drug ?

yes hi, ive been on it for a year and i can honestly say that ive not had a relapse since ive been on it, its my lucky needle

I have been on Copaxone for over 4 years, not had a relapse! Occasionally get a bad reaction, which is very scary when it happens, but last between 30 mins to a hour, but ok afterwards. When I first started using it got a lot of lumps etc on injections sites, but I guess your body gets used to it, im ok now, just occasionally brusing. Good Luck with it, I am sure it has worked for me x

I started copaxone in 2005. No ill feeling side effects at all. Only problems in early days were itching and lumps at some injection sites. For me backs of arms and stomach were worst. After a few months didn’t even have these problems. Had a relapse in 2010 and another in 2012. Still taking now. Since being on copaxone I have had no new symptoms. Ones I had before are very slowly getting worse (legs) but feel copaxone has really helped prevent new problems.


I start this at the end of the month. I did try to exist on my own regime for six months but had a relapse after over doing things. I also tried Rebif this time last year but got some serious side-effects. I really wanted to try bg-12, I thought that this had been approved by NICE, is this not the case.

If you use the syringe on it’s own, do you get less site reactions? Good luck with it supertramp. I start on the 30th, my daughter’s birthday. :slight_smile:

I started 3 days ago. The actual injection is completely painless for me, but then I do find it very painful for about 15 - 30 minutes afterwards. Everyone says this will get better. I’ve only done stomach and thigh so far, and used both auto inject and manual. Good luck!

If getting pain after an injection try setting your auto injector less deep. This made a huge difference to me.

Welsh boy The site reactions can vary from person to person.its trial and error. My best sites are thighs and bum but some have huge problems with the thighs. Don’t worry too much, you might not get any at all

Because I get allergies, I was told to take antihistamines for the first few weeks and I have not had any itching yet. This evening injecting my second thigh set off a restless leg, strange.

for me as i got used to it i had less sore reactions, been off and on it, i know, im a nightmare, back on the wagon though.

Never used the auto pen but i have to say that using the needle by itself is not a big deal. Just stick some doors on and pretend its a huge injection of smack

Thanks. Does being sozzled on gin help? :slight_smile:

Always. Lol

Always. Lol

Hi - I started it 6 weeks ago or so. Injecting is fine, first time was a bit weird. I mostly use the syring, rather than teh pen thing, but when i inject my bingo wings i get my OH to do that and he uses the pen.

stinging is maddening, lasts 5-10 mins or so, but drives me mad! adn sometimes there’s a lump. advice is to leave it alone for 24 hrs, but then rub it to get rid - I find that massging it with savlon works a treat.

Other than that, i find it OK. it’s not helped with existing symptoms, but that was expected. and as it\s only 6 weeks, too soon to say its prevented relapses. All in all, it’s pretty easy to deal with. I do find there’s a lot of suport on twitter - and for me it’s a place that is easier to monitor for responses, and to get to know people in the same boat.

Gin helps too. The best Tonic has a Gin in it :wink:

Good luck with it!!

Thank you all for your replies about Copaxone it has really helped, will let you know how I get on x Amanda