Injections!! :-(

Saw my neurologist today. After my relapse I’ve got to have an MRI and go on Copaxone until the new tablet form is approved cost effective :frowning:

Hi Rebecca

Welcome to the club! Please try not to worry about it too much. I’m on Copaxone and it really isn’t as bad as it feels or sounds once you get started and get used to doing it. I had a bit of a struggle with Copaxone when I first started it as I was used to Rebif and a little allergic to it BUT, I stuck with it and it’s been brilliant for me. I’ve had maybe 1 sensory relapse per year since being on it compared to every 6 weeks when on nothing and about 4 a year when on Rebif.

Please try not to worry too mcuh.


Hi Rebecca Yes I am sure you will find it is not as bad as you fear as well. I had to swop from rebif to copaxone just over two months ago and was really nervous, having read about site reactions and having to do a daily injection. However it has been so much better and easier than I thought. I did initially have a bad sting sensation after but it went away after a few minutes and then that was that, done and dusted for another day. Two months on and the sting sensation is easing off a bit too. Meds effect everyone differently, I guess that’s why they have developed different choices. I have found for me, despite it being a daily injection, it has been much easier than I thought and luckily site reactions are far better for me than on rebif…which was one of my biggest worries. Good luck with it and hopefully you will find it easier than you think too : ) Mish x

I was surprised at how easy the injections were when I started on Copaxone a couple of months ago, my only bugbear is the site reactions which feel a bit like I’ve been stung by a wasp although the stinging doesn’t last too long.

Thank you all for reassuring me x