UPDATE on my hubbies death


The doctor who attended my husband in the evening would not sign off death certificate, and advised the coroner who felt there should be an autopsy. He saw something obviously he wasnt happy about. It was to do with oxygen or something i am not sure as they were pumping it in but his levels kept dropping.

Anyway finally they did the autopsy Tuesday.

The results are… NO determination of death. They kept asking me if he had worked with asbestos which he had about 40 years ago he worked in place which has become local and national news now for several years as so many of the workers were dying 40 even 50 years after working there.

He worked there for over 2 years, and being an engineer also worked around asbestos for many years in varying forms.

So they particular looked for signs. They found fibrosis in his lungs, also he had Basal pnuemonia in both lungs which must have come on pretty fast suddenly yet the doctor who attended on the friday said he couldnt hear any congestion in his lungs his lungs were full of fluid especially the right one.

They have basically taken lots of tissues etc, to be sent off to find plagues which they believe they will because of the state of his lungs which were exactly as one would expect in last stages of asbestosis.

This will take 6 to 8 weeks so i am non the wiser.

What makes me so mad and upset is Mike my hubby kept saying he never believed his COPD and lung issue was down to his smoking to be fair when he worked which he did until 70 he would have long periods of not being able to smoke. He always thought it could be down to asbestos.

His doctors never bothered to find out really and he also constantly had a terrible pain in his chest which makes sense to asbestosis as it can cause pleuritic pain. Again the doctors didnt bother and just filled him with pain killers. Towards the end his pain was unbearable and when i found him the pain was so intense i thought he had a heart attack.

Everything was put down as his smoking.

If it is asbestos it will be classed as an industrial death. I tell you i will go MAD. I am trying not to get angry over this, until i know for sure. BUT belive me if it is you will hear me shout from all over the country. Heads will roll. If he had been investigated properly he may have still been alive as a lot of people live with asbestos as long as it kept an eye on.

His death never made sense, but if it gets a hold and is left from what i have heard it can cause toxic pneumonia.

What is even more upsetting is if it is asbestos i cant tell him he was RIGHT.

Its hard not knowing, i just expected them to say it was this or that, and i could move on a little, but now i feel even worse thinking Mike had been put through all of this terrible pain and horrible death for nothing if the NHS doctors had done a better job.

Hugs, please look after yourself on this difficult emotional journey.

Oh poor you. As if his sudden death wasn’t enough, you now have to learn to live with fury as well. And I can well understand how angry and powerless this makes you feel. That if only someone had taken more care, nod investigated more thoroughly he could still have been with you for years.

I am so sorry Crazy Chick (if you weren’t Crazy before, you would be now!) I can’t imagine how terrible this time is for you. I’m sure we are all wishing you well over this dreadful period of your life.

And feeling such sadness with you to have lost Mike so young.


Oh, CC! I read your post and I was furious. I’m not normally in favour of litigation, but in your case I’d be looking for someone to sue. Your husband’s chest pains and breathing problems should have been investigated long ago. I won’t say that his death was preventable, but his condition could have been treated if someone had bothered to do tests. (We’ve had to wait for mum’s death certificate because she died within 24 hours of admission to hospital. In those circumstances the coroner has to be involved, but that’s standard practice and not cause for concern.)

Oh my word! I am up in arms for you…asbestosis…it is a real killler…

A friend of mine`s hubby died eons after he attended an electrical fault in an asbestos factory, for just 2 days…

It`s called summat like methos…osis, I believe…but cant spell it.

You do right to be fuming love.

This is just so wrong…and all the time his bloody GP blamed smoking.

There are cases where big compensation has been paid to widows like yourself.

Money will not bring your man back, but it would make life more comfortable for you.

Grrr indeed.

Meanwhile darlin, I do hope you can cope.

Have you got good family support?

Much love Pollsx

I mentioned this to hubby, who used to work in insurance (he quit seven years ago). If one employer has had claims against them for asbestos related deaths, that will help your case if you want to go down that route. BUT you mentioned that your husband worked with asbestos in other places as well. That could complicate things. Different employers will try to shift the blame. Whatever happens, litigation would be a long drawn out process, most likely very stressful. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. I’m just warning you what to expect.

My thoughts are with you at this trying time.

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crazy chick

how bloody awful for you.

your poor hubby ought to have been treated better.

may be a case of medical negligence.

my father in law died of mesothelioma having worked at turner brothers who were an asbestos company.

mother in law sued turners and got a decent settlement.

so very sorry for your loss

carole x

Hi cd, he worked mainly in one place who have seen lots of people die even women who washed the mens clothing. being an engineer he would have been exposed anyway but the fibres would not have been flying about like in this foundry. I wouldnt be going for compensation, it wouldnt bring him back and it takes about 7 years i doubt i will be around by then. I couldnt deal with the stress, and the money wouldnt be right for me, as it would be from my husbands death if that makes sense. Its just all this waiting if its another 8 weeks i will find it really hard.

The minister who came yesterday said he had dealt with 15 deaths already around about mikes age 70 from this one foundry thats pretty scary and a few were women. x

Bless you CC, as if you haven’t got enough grief to cope with, now this. I can’t comprehend the pain you are going through at this horrible time. Love to you & you are always in my thoughts xxxx

thanks guys it gets worse.

I got a kick in the teeth by the arrival of letters from coroner yesterday which tell you all the parts and material they have taken away from your beloved and what will you want us to do with them in 12 months for gods sake.

I was crying for ages and nearly threw up just thinking about how poor mike must have been mutilated but then i know its to find out why he died, BUT get this the inquest wont be UNTIL MARCH 2018. so until then we cannot have a cause of death but on the interim death certificate it says they are awaiting results of histology for asbestos and also if I want to get a solicitor involved they will need to know as then the parts and material which went for testing will have to be kept longer.

Now i am getting mad if he did die of asbestos poisoning i am going to attack the NHS like a mad boadicea as mike always said he didnt think his COPD was down to smoking.

I have decided to talk to a solicitor who deals with asbestos cases to get advice, as i don’t want the parts disposed of in 12 months if they are needed for legal reasons. Why should they get away with it.

Also need to see GP as my MS is in overdrive.

Awwwwwww. As if it couldn’t get any worse. And then it does. Thinking of you. As I’m sure we all are. Sue x

oh you poor lass…my heart goes out to you.

love that your Mike would mention Boudica (even with an alternative spelling!)


Thinking of you

I’m so sorry to read this. I’ve messaged you.

This must be so awful for you. I really feel for you and Mike.

I’m not surprised you are angry. I would be too.

I really hope you have the support of family and friends to help get you through this terrible time.

And I would definitely seek legal advice when you feel strong enough to cope with it.

Your MS will be affected by this. Only a small amount of stress affects me so you must be having a terrible time.

I will be thinking of you and send you (((hugs))).

We are all here for you whenever you need us.

Shazzie xxx

my eyes are wet again reading this.

take care of yourself love.

ms just loves to kick us when we are down.

carole x