Update on my doctors appointment today.

Following on from my post about mentioning ms to my gp. I saw her this morning and she’s put a referral in for the neurologist so I am happy. Now just the waiting game. She has also put me on 75mg pregabalin twice a day on top of my 50mg amitriptyline and 15/500 painkillers. Fingers crossed they help a bit.

Good news. I’m glad it went well, and I hope the Pregabalin help. You’ll just have to see how long the wait is to see the neuro now. Hopefully not too long.


Thanks Sue. My GP agrees that there is something more going on than fibromyalgia. I am already having bad mobility issues that I need walking aids all the time. It’s going in the right direction so I can start to relax a bit now. I’ve been feeling so stressed and tensed up trying to get this referral. Even if it isn’t MS at least I will know that has been ruled out.

In your position, once you’ve waited a couple of weeks following the referral, you could phone the hospitals appointments team and check they have the referral and maybe can give you an idea of how long the appointment will be.

Hopefully soon.