MS or Not.

I have chronic pain, osteopenia, cervical spondylosis and fibromyalgia. 3 months ago I developed pins and needles in the soles of my feet and below the knee. It’s continual. My fatigue is overwhelming. I often have cognitive fail. My Dr has written to a neurologist. I already take pregabalin, amytriptiline and Tramadol. I have declined a lot in a year. It hurts to walk. I get lots of muscle spasms and my calves are sometimes in knots. I know Fibro can fake MS. I never even had a tender point examination. I am wondering if I have MS. I had an MRI years ago on my cervical spine which showed nothing unusual. I think my doctor may think I’m hysterical as pain brings me back. Advice needed episodes are killing me.

Hi Anon. There are many MS mimics - not just what it looks like on MRI but also as MS type symptom causes. As you have existing conditions I would be unwise to comment on your condition. It sounds like you could benefit from an MRI scan and I can tell its a concern for you so you need some answers. Your GP has written to a neurologist, was that recently? You could go back to the GP and ask them to speed up the referral as you are in pain. Don’t worry about what the GP thinks, you have a right to get referred to a neurologist.

Well, I’ve been referred to a neurologist. All the clinics are full so it’s an 18 week wait.