Update, bra question & 1st MRI scan date!

Hey all!

I have the date of my first MRI scan (for my brain and spine!) it’s on the 9th August!

My nerves have calmed down a lot since a few backs back, and my symptoms have, for the most part gone! Having said that though, I am still getting numbness (‘heaviness’ really, weird feeling) tingling in my left cheek and numbness and tingling in my legs. I can’t tell if those symptoms are actually getting more persistant or not. I wish it was easier to tell what was going on.

The brain fog and fatigue have really, really eased up. I am no longer walking around like a complete zombie, staring blanky ahead for ages. I have become really health-anxious though: the slightest thing I end up worrying about >.<

I HAVE noticed though, that the more stressted I am, and also the more conscious of the numbness I am, the worse it gets. If I take my mind off it, I don’t notice nearly as much and it doesn’t feel nearly as bad.

I have one question about the MRI scan: Can I wear an underwired bra? Lol!
I don’t know what the material in the wiring is… is it usually metal in there?? Haha I feel silly that the thought of being braless makes me anxious!

I’m hoping it should go well though. Is being in the scan ANYTHING like being in a lay-down sunbed but with added noise? Does it usually take long to get the results of it back?

Please wish me luck! <3 I will report straight back here once it’s all done and dusted.

Much love to you all!

You take your bra off and just keep your pants on. They cover up your decency with one of those really ‘sexy’ hospital gowns.

It makes some weird noises when you are in there like ‘Dhoof… dhoof… dhoof’, ‘Bing-bing-bing-bing-bing’ and ‘Bheeeeeee’ but you have earplugs in. Not sure how you’re supposed to imagine those noises but try to picture you’re in a disco with cr4p music ;0)

Hope it goes well!


Hi Shiller

You have to take your bra off. Try and come prepared with clothing that doesn’t have zips and fastening. Make sure you don’t have clips or bobbles in your hair. They should give you a locker and a changing room so you can remove your bra.

Being on the bed feels strange - never gone on sunbed. Your head is kept in position and you’ll have a ramp under your legs possibly (though you can ask for the ramp not to be there if it’s not comfy for you). It’s more when you go into the scanner that you realise how restircted you are. You can ask for music or earplugs. I kept my eyes shut and tried to imagine being somewhere else. It is disconerting as sometimes the noises are louder and the bed shakes. I try and think I’m in a rocket going to space. The radiolgist will speak to you throughout and you’ll have a button to press in case you want to stop for whatever reason or need to speak to them.

Nothing hurts and there are worse things to have but it’s keeping calm and relaxed thats tricky.

I’m not sure about the results as I work for the trust I’m seen in so can access them myself. I know it usually takes between 1-2 weeks for the radiographer to finalise a report on the system so you’ll have that much waiting at least.

Good luck Shiller.

Unlucky you I was allowed to keep my clothes on as no metal on them. Just had to remove my bra :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, it wasn’t a silly question at all, at 5’ nothing and huge boobs I also had The same worry. Take all of your jewellery off before you go and just imagine that the hideous gown is a Vivienne Westwood creation! Some places ask you to bring a cd and you can listen to your own choice of music in there. The noises are not nice but it was a pleasant hour away from fighting kids! Let us know how it goes, Chis

You can wear a bra that has no metal on it - like a soft sports bra that pulls over your head.

Metal can interfere with the signal and cause the images to go weird where it is. So wearing an underwired bra isn’t a problem if you’re only having your brain done, but you definitely can’t wear one if you’re having your spine done.

I would say that being in a scanner is actually easier than a full sun bed! OK, it is VERY noisy and it shakes a bit, but you aren’t fully enclosed like you are in a sun bed. You can also see out. The scariest thing in theory is the “head coil” - the thing that is a bit like a bird cage that goes over your head. It’s essential for the scan though, so there’s no doing without it. If it does make you nervous, try and remember that it lifts off pretty easily. And you’ll have the buzzer, so you can get the scan stopped any time so you can get out.

Most people find that MRI is infinitely less scary than they imagined. Personally, I find it very boring and noisy! The results are very cool though :slight_smile:

Karen x

Just in case there’s anyone thinking “but you can’t take metal into a scanner!” - there are two risks with metal: that it might move and that it might heat up and burn any skin it’s touching. Neither of these are an issue with a bra. The NHS will be strict for obvious reasons though - no metal allowed, just in case.


Hi Shiller… good luck with MRI… I had one of the brain recently and having a spine one next week… nothing to worry about I thought (but I know some people find them tough). Claires impression of an MRI is absolutely spot on! Well done Claire - gave me a laugh.

Paula xx

No bra but I also have quite a large busom, so after my second MRI I decided to go and buy a top withelastic just below boobs - an empire line I guess - that keeps them nicely tucked away rather than free to do as they will :wink: I’ve had 2 scans since and It’s worked nicely! Xx

I was allowed to keep my bra on and remained fully clothed. The radiologist told me it didn’t matter it having metal clipson it as I would be laying on them.

As for the scan itself, if you are allowed a CD, then take this with you, they play it through the headphones - take one that is fairly loud, I took 70s pop the first time and that wasn’t loud enough really - I have been told Queen or Status Quo are good CDs for blotting out the sound as long as you are not tempted to headbang.

Although it doesn’t look much room in the scanner it isn’t fully enclosed (for me there was a blue strip along the roof of the scanner which to me was strangely amusing). I found myself wondering what it was there for and what a shame the white walls of the scanner didn’t have adverts inside the tunnel so you had something less boring to look at. I zoned out by concentrating on the lyrics of the songs and thinking what song was coming next - that also gives you an indication of how long you have been in the scanner. My radiographer was great, she kept cutting into the music to speak to me, tell me when the next scan was going to start and how long it would last for.

Hope it goes well for you. Remember they will give you a panic button just in case but I’m sure you won’t need it.


Hi Metal objects are not allowed in the scanner. Ferrous objects will be permenantly magnetised and non ferrous, gold…etc,will be temporarily magnetised. The scanner has a magnetic force of 1.5 T plus, ask Rizzo why the more powerfull the better, not just or removing and opening bra. She explained why o even an ngineer could understand. In sort no but an all cotton, no underwire bra should be ok. Mike

I’ve just had my MRI and it wasn’t until I got in the scanner room that I was asked about my bra. She said I would need to take it off and it would go in the locker with my bag. She asked me not to leave it near the door as a lady had done that recently and when she came to put it on she couldn’t find it.

Apparently while she was having her scan it flew across the room and was stuck to the scanner

She may have just been telling me this to relax me but I am going to believe its true cos its funny


Oh Nikki - you made me laugh

I just have this vision of someone coming to clear the room at the end and finding this bra stuck randomly!

When i went for my scan i wore …

jogging trousers (as no buttons/zips) . T-shirt.

sports bra (over the head type with no metal)

removed all jewelry.

no metal in sight!

Ok - so not the best look in the world (very attractive - not!) but i didn’t even have to undress. I didn’t think the mri would mind my casual look! LOL!

Teresa. x

I was fully clothed when I had my MRI and wasn’t even asked if I had an underwirded bra but, me being me, I made sure I had no metal anyway and was quite strict about it all. I wore track pants with no metal eyelets where the belt goes through and I wore a sports bra that you pull over your head and a t.shirt.

Had to remove my metal chastity belt though… :wink:

I was allowed to keep my jeans on, but had to remove my top half and wear the lovely hospital gown! Also had to remove my jewellery. I had a belt on, which they said was fine, but it kept vibrating and pulling so I actually wished I’d taken it off! They’ll tell you what to do x

Guess that rules out the studded undies, as for prince albert ? hmm. F.xx


Sorry mike :cry:

Never mind just watch the metal work