Update and advise plz

Hi all, for those who know about my dad’s bypass, he should be home later but is rough as to be expected i guess.

I would like advise on fatigue if poss. Had to go doc’s friday (really bad day) have been took off didrocodeine and no more amitripiline as he has put me on anti depressants due to the fact i am not handling the limbo land on top of my anti thrombin 3 deff.

Last week up until present i have been waking anytime from 4.15- 5.30 am and all day am shattered but to the point i struggle to put one foot infront of the other.

Every few hours i seem to have a brief period of a bit more energy which soon disappears. Does this sound like fatigue?

TIA sonia x

Forgot to add i was suppossed to be going to devon by train on wednesday morning but since my arm went crazy last thursday i am too scared to go incase this happens again and i am alone.

This is not like me as last august when my problems first began i was in Majorca on my own enjoying every minute. It’s like my confidence has gone and been replaced by fear

sonia x

Poor Sonia, this rottenthing we have is so cruel and can rob us of doing the things we used to do without any effort.

What you describe does sound very like fatigue.

Try to pace yourself. Spread your activities out over a few days, so you can get plenty of rest in between, eh?

There are meds for fatigue, but you`ll need to ask your GP/neuro about them.

I do hope your dad has a good recovery.

luv Pollx

Hi Sonia, I agree with Poll, does sound like fatigue. Yes pace yourself and only do what you HAVE to. Nothing else. Try to rest as much as possible. Proper rest includes resting the mind so try to let go of worries for a while. I know easier said than done but try to listen to music or read for a while.

Wishing you and your dad well,

Pat x