up and at `em!

Afternoon all!

As you know (and have been very supportive of me…lovely) times have been quite bad for me recently.

What with daughter no 2 announcing she and her oh are separating,

Then my shoulder and legs weakening and causing me grief at loo time. Plus my wheelie breaking down in Asda.

Then there was my hospital appointment on Fri (13th), which went rediculously lousy!

I didn`t mention summat else, but daughter no 1 and her new-ish bloke, plus her 2 kids…MY GRANDKIDs…are contemplating moving to Kent…a zillion miles from Yorkshire…so that was also a concern…BUT

today I woke up with a real strong mindset…this is how i intend to deal with my worries.

  1. Painful shoulder…now that I`ve had the soft arm rests replaced with firm ones, on my wheelie, my hutching and transfers WILL get better

  2. Daughter no 1…if her new fella looks after her and the kids, then they can tootle off to pastures new and Ill miss em, but Ill wish em well.

  3. Daughter no 2…she says she won`t move back up here…so we will continue to suport her with 75 miles between us

  4. MS nurse rang today, to say the referral request to dr Lily, in Leeds, is on it`s way.

So there you have it. Folk here and elsewhere sometimes ask me where I get my strength from. I know my dear late mum sends me hers. Oh she was a force to be reckoned with! Then theres also a fella whos name begins with J`. He helps me out too.

Onwards and upwards eh?

Much luv, Polly xxxxxxxxx

Good for you poll…positive mental attitude is a force to be reckoned with aswell.

My nearest family live 80miles away the rest are increasingly futher away until you get to New Zealand…do you think they are telling me something?

You do get used to it and with skype etc they could really be in the next room.

Enjoy the rest of the day.


Thanks love.


Attagirl Poll! Onwards & upwards.

Best Wishes,


Cheers Moira!

luv Pollx

You go girl !!!

You have your mum’s genes and all you have to do is dig down inside to find 'em… oh sorry you already found 'em.

Pat xx

That’s the Yorkshire way Poll.

I lived in the USA for a while - away from my lovely girl but we kept in touch with a web cam - at least Kent is in the same time zone!


It must be the Yorkshire blood in you, keep positive and smiling love Karen xxx

will do me best!

luv Pollx

True grit!

luv Pollx

Aye, `appen as like, eh?

luv Pollx

I grew up in Kent - it ain’t that bad!

Yes, I know you didn’t mean that. Anywhere that far away from you is ‘bad’

My family seems to move far away from ‘home’. My Dad was Danish and none of my Mum’s siblings live anywhere near where they grew up! I moved to Bristol via Cambridgshire from Kent 20-odd years ago. So now my Mum is a long way from me, 80 years old and no too good at driving the long journey and I’m too knackered to think about driving more than half an hour!

It’s hard, especially for my Mum as she worries about me and lives on her own. I worry about her, but at least I can talk to my other half about it. It’s a hidden feature of disability, isn’t it? The stress of not being close enough to check on your nearest and dearest, but not always able to see them.

Hi Poll Your positivity and strength always do me good. Never change and keep taking on the world with all that force and vigour! Definitely onwards and upwards. Love Teresa xx

Hi and thanks for your reply.

Yes, it is hard when our families are far flung!

But we do what we have to and get along somehow.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

I’m pleased you’ve sorted yourself out and yes it is hard when families are far apart. Kent is not that far away when it will be them coming to see you. Which part of Kent is she moving to, I hope it’s to a nice part as there are plenty of them down here.

You take care and keep smiling, I just love your humour (from a Kentish lass)

Love Janet x

Hi Janet, these talks about moving to kent have a good way to go yet. it depends on Mark getting the right pay deal and conditions before he`ll agree to moving. They were in Rochester last week, checking out the area.

luv Polllx

Hi Teresa, thanks love. You`re a star!

luv Pollx