Until I read Sssue's post

I had never ‘genderised’ my m.s.

Sue refers to it as a ‘nasty bitch’ - but if I had to assign it a gender I would assign it as a male - not sure what name I’d give it though…answers on a postcard - (asterisks not allowed!)

I call mine the unwanted lodger, it doesn’t have a gender. It can wear a pink tutu or football boots I really don’t care as long as someone rehomes it far away from me - preferably on another planet.

maybe some of us think of it as our own gender cos that would make the good kicking a fair fight!

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Yea well carol I need to change tactics it’s mee that’s getting a good kicking this week

hiya i suppose my ms is female. keep your friends close and enemies closer still. its become an part of me-albeit unwanted but i cant change that so accept and cope is what i do. i am aware some say that they will never accept-i understand that. but as i see as ms as a part of me then when would i fight myself?! i never use the word fight either cos i only choose disagreements that i have a chance of winning, ms ruins/takes as it wants! i am no quitter-dont misunderstand me-ms is a barsteward but being angry only upsets me and those who care about me… ellie

The most socially acceptable name I give my MS is Eric Scumspawn. Eric describes the innocuous and Scumspawn was taken from the BBC radio show “Old Harry’s game” about life in hell with the devil and his bumbling assistant.

So probably gender is less important than the need for cloven hooves.


Bitch is of course one of the few swear words that doesn’t get moderated. I actually don’t always genderise the git. I just know that I don’t want it. And I swear far more in person than I do on here. So I could get fully foul mouthed about it at the moment. In fact forget, ‘at the moment’. All the time. Sue

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Ellie Angry is valid, but ultimately pointless. I do have some vitriolic discussions with Eric. Mick

hiya mick

yes am well aware that anger is pointless. i was referring to the early days… 12 years later i am often the calm one when others are getting (pointlessly!) angry on my behalf!

hope u r getting on as u r able…


I suspect that most of us who’ve had MS for a few years / are progressive / advanced, maybe call it names, moan at it, yell, shout ‘c’mon you sod’ to a foot, a leg, a hand, some other body part, but ultimately have come to some kind of truce most of the time. Reserving the right to reopen actual warfare from time to time. And always accepting that it is our right to swear righteously at our own ineptitude or at aspects of our physicality which do not act as we require.



aye sue-thats kinda what i meant! i have never been an angry person. i have been told in the past that the silent treatment is worse! i have been known to mutter a few choice words at the many bits of me that dont workbut i have learnt to have a plan b for most things. if that doesnt work out either then move on to c etc. ask someone is probably k or l! ellie

Basically, The b"$&!+d, no asterisks but I think you get the gist.

A name would be pointless!! I would only forget it.


It’s definitely female.

It causes bladder incontinence, double incontinence, numb limbs, eyesight problems, head pains, fatigue, heat intolerance and every damned thing.

Men cannot multitask like that so it has got to be female.



I’m a bloke (I have a certificate to prove it), so what have I got? A cold?

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No Mr D, it’s croup x

MS is most definitely female. You can’t come even close to understanding MS. MS makes no sense whatsoever. MS is most definitely female.

I’m now away go get my virtual tin helmet.


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Is that for the fall out Derek!!! Multitasking or not, it’s a ******. I could say, the iron was invented by a male, torture. x


that sounds like a risky statement. I think I would go with MY MS is “gender confused” despite being called “Eric” it CAN multitask and has cloven hooves and it can make me cry and on occasion laugh.

Good luck with the tin helmet


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Hmmmm I wonder who invented Gin… I feel a Google coming on