Unsure of what to do...


I’m new here and unsure of what to do - any advice appreciated. I had a couple of small (under 5 mins) episodes of double vision (binocular diplopia) last year. I was referred to the stroke clinic and it wasn’t a stroke. I got referred for an MRI but as I have a pacemaker I was told I can’t have an MRI.

But since then I also get pins and needles every so often, a couple of days/weeks of pins and needles in arms/legs and then it goes away for a few months.

As my pins and needles symptoms are pretty infrequent and the diplopia only happened once I don’t know whether I’m reading too much into these small symptoms. Is MS likely or unlikely based on what I’m describing.

I’m unsure how much to push to try to rule out MS? Or just leave it and see if it get’s worse?

As I can’t have an MRI then it feels easier to just give up trying to get anything more investigated…

Any advice very welcome!


Of course it is your prerogative to give up on further investigation. For me it is good to know what I am dealing with and it might give you options which reduce subsequent problems. You might be able to have a CT scan and lumbar puncture which could rule stuff in or out.
All the best

My advice for what it is worse dont jump the gun. double vision can be caused through many things, and they said you didnt have a stroke.

to be honest i would just leave it all for now and see what happens. I found taking the WELL IF IT IS MS it will finally SHOW ITSELF attitude and mine did 16 years later lol. xxxxx