Unsure if this is MS related. Opinions please!

Dear All,

I have a really annoying problem but whether it’s MS or not I don’t know. I have become very stiff. To put it facetiously, I feel like rigor mortis is setting in. My back, legs and everything except my feet and hands just seem to be stiff and awkward to move. I creak and feel like I need my oil changed.

Sometimes it may not be MS at all and is just getting older, talk to your doctor and ask him/her to have an xray, or that he/she could look into it. I know my mum is stiff but she is nearly eighty one.


I’m 57 so I hope it’s not my age. It came on suddenly, it didn’t creep up that’s why I’m wondering what it it.

thanks anyway

I feel like this a lot… Do you take Baclofen? It reduces muscle stiffness. I love it.

Stiffness is very common with MS, Baclofen works! M

I don’t take anything.

I don’t take anything and let the ms do what it decides. I think I need to try Baclofen. Thank you.

Multi vitamins is also another thing especially around the age (I’m 61, so know what you mean) Important also to keep moving. Gentel exercise like tai chi or swimming.

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