Unsure if a minor relapse :s

Hi guys, I’m 19yrs old and was diagnosed April last year with rrms after I had a big flare up. I don’t know much about what it’s like to distinguish between something that could be normal or possibly something to do with ms. Over this past week I have been experiencing a weakness in my right hand which fluctuates from being from being dull to quite bad where I struggle putting my hair up in a pony tail as my fingers feel quite weak this is including numbness that has happened in 3 fingers but that feeling comes and goes but I still feel the weakness. I work in a bar also and I’m finding it difficult to hold up the bottle when pouring drinks and my hand start to shake. Could this be something to do with ms or could it be normal? I would appreciate your advice. Thanks ever so much.


I feel sure this is MS-related, as I don’t think it could possibly be “normal” for a 19-year-old to struggle to do a pony tail, or with comparatively light everyday objects, such as bottles.

I think you should report to your GP or MS nurse (if you have one) that you are experiencing this. They will not necessarily prescribe anything or do anything, if it continues to be “minor”. However, it is important to get on record how many relapses you are having, as this may influence treatment choices/recommendations in the future.

I will just mention - I don’t suppose you have a cold or any infection, do you? Sometimes, symptoms will flare up like a relapse if you’ve got an infection.



Hi Tina, thanks for replying. I definitely will speak to my ms nurse about it. As far as i am aware i haven’t had any viral Iinfections recently so i think it could possibly be a minor relapse :s. I don’treally tell my ms nurse all details that I feel couldhave something to do with Ms as I don’t want to seem like I’m nagging at the whole ms thing. I’m having another mri in 4 months so i will definitely see what happens then . Thanks again for replying x