Unresponsive leg issues!

Hello all you wonderful people,

I’d like to pick you brains!

I’ve got a problem wth my right leg that I presume is MS but I’m not totally sure!

My right leg started feeling a bit strange on Saturday and it has stayed this way. It feels like when I walk, my left leg knows how to do it but my right leg has forgotten! I can walk but I just feel as if my right leg doesn’t bend like it’s supposed to! It feels almost like it is a robot leg and moves in a simlar, stiff, jerky way to a robot, though noone has commented on it, so maybe I’m imagining it.

It doesn’t particularly hurt but the strangest thing is I’ve noticed that I can only walk at one speed now! I know that sounds really silly, but when I was in a rush, before I would speed up but now I simply can’t, I can only go at one speed.

Could anybody advise me and say that this sounds like MS?

Many thanks for any ideas,

Clare :slight_smile:

It sounds like MS.

Warning: I’m NOT a doctor. Just another bod with MS. But I’ve had legs doing stupid stuff before, ranging from completely numb feet (I mean couldn’t feel anything - even pain or temperature) to what I used to call “power cuts”, which meant I could walk, or sometimes even run, before my leg would suddenly feel like it’s forgotten how to do it (excellent way of putting it!)

I once got stranded halfway up a flight of stairs, after running for a train at Birmingham New Street. I was undiagnosed, and on my way to a work meeting, so not even sick enough to be off work.

But although I started the stairs alright - running - halfway up, something happened, and I realised I couldn’t go up OR down. I didn’t fall, I stayed standing, but I just had to stand there and grip the handrail, while everyone surged past me.

I missed the train, of course, but after a couple of minutes, regained control of my legs, and was able to proceed slowly and cautiously back down.

It is technically a problem with the nerve signals not getting through properly, so “unresponsive” is right. Your brain is sending a signal saying: “Leg, Do this!”, but the leg is receiving it slowly, or garbled, or not at all, so can’t comply properly.



Oh, P.S. I forgot to say - if this came on suddenly, it could be the start of a relapse.

Alternatively, any infection (even a cold) can lead to a temporary worsening of symptoms.



Hi Clare,

I’ve almost fallen so many times cos my right leg will remain, foot glued to the floor, regardless of what I thought I was doing. I even had a bad staircase incident due to right knee not bending - so please go careful, I had to have my ear stitched back together after that one :wink: Speak to your MS nurse, I get Baclofen to help

Sonia x

Hi Tina and Sonia,

Thanks very much for your responses- I suspected as much but I haven’t had problems with my legs/feet for about 10 years. Though I have had the numb feet thing, which is horrible!! I had to walk down 7 flights of stairs with no feeling in my feet, it was terrifying! My hands went white I was holding on so tightly!

Clare, :slight_smile:

Good afternoon

I had a problem with my right leg, it felt like I was dragging it along and felt heavy. When I went to see my MS nurse, I mentioned it and with a few other issues and she told me that the dragging of the leg was related to MS. I have only had that feeling once (to date), but I do feel that my right leg is not in sink with the left leg all the time. I don’t know wether this helps you, but it may help someone.


Hi Ang,

That’s kind of how my leg feels too. Thank for your response.

L, :slight_smile: