Unreliable carer

I have had a carer for about a year and a half and she works 12 hours a week. If she does not arrive in the morning, I can not have a shower or get dressed or have a proper meal. The carer is friendly and has a bubbly personality and I really like her but she is not very reliable. Since starting she has, on average, one and sometimes two sick days off every week. I have heard stories about the unreliability of carers - does anyone else have this kind of problem? On the whole she seems to be constantly ill or has car trouble every other week. I don’t know what (if anything) I should do about it? Any advice anyone? Thanks

This is awful treatment! If you employ her then I’m afraid you need to sack her, if she is employed by a company who organise your care needs then you need to inform them of what has been happening. I sorry but I think she is taking advantage of you and by doing so is actually neglecting your needs. I hope you get this sorted soon. Jan

I agree and would ask why you have put up with her this long. Don

Agreed, this person is taking advantage of you. There are other people out there who would really care for you and be grateful to have the job.

Sack her, just tell her not to come anymore but please do try to get another carer lined up asap. Whatever happens you can always get a temp in to cover until you find someone you feel would be suitable.

Good luck, you deserve better than this.

Hi,I have 3 carers, as well as my hubby.

My morning carer is the one I feel the most need for (other than my hubby, I mean).

She has worked for me for 3 years and we get along wonderfully. She does a brill job and is well experienced in looking after me. She is self employed and whenever she has to miss me, due to sick children, broken down car, or her own health, I quickly need to get someone else in. It can be difficult and falls back onto my hubby.

Is your carer self employed or with an agency?I wouldnt like to use an agency, as you never know if your regular carer is coming…and sometimes when they are coming.

I know it will be difficult for you to let her go and find a new carer, but as you are being let down so often, I think your needs must come first. You could have a talk with her and let her know you are unhappy with her service.

If this carer is paid via Direct Payments, you could always ask your care plan manager to step in and help.

Difficult time, I fully understand hun.

luv Pollx

I know people have said ‘sack her’ , but maybe have a discussion with her about why she is hit and miss. Your carer does have a duty of care I know but we all have poop going on in our lives even carers. Then take/ make your decision from there…maybe?

of course she’s ‘friendly and bubbly’ because she’s taking advantage of you. My guess is you’re in a state of worry each morning wondering if she’ll turn up.

Bite the bullet and gert someone else.

Been a carer and been a poorly carer, and just had to pack my job in unfortunately things are not always straight forward, there are ‘nice’ ways of finding out (a) why is the carer late? and (b) getting someone new…just because someone us unreliable doesn’t mean they are taking advantage…being a carer paid or otherwise is blinking hard work it’s easy to be negative. This carer might have lots going off and maybe the carer should be given her notice as she is unreliable but don’t know why people feel the need to be harsh about stuff! I wish someone had sacked me from my job but have just had to hand in my notice as I can’t cope…does this make me unreliable, someone that takes advantage? You don’t know me so you can’t judge and we shouldn’t judge this carer either. compassion Carers get paid a pittance when with an agency, often don’t get paid for travel in between jobs, catch every bug going and can’t afford to put their cars on the road at times, I know someone that has to cycle between jobs!

Anon I understand how you can be feeling aggrieved by my and perhaps other comments on this subject. Please do not take it personally. As in any profession there are god and bad, the only time I ever needed it I had good care, unfortunately the person who posted this thread is receiving poor if not negligent care. My concern is for the person who needs care, they have the basic human right to receive that care as and when they need it not as and when someone can turn up. She may well be genuine but that is hardly the point. This carer has hardly put a full week in for a year and a half and in my opinion that is not acceptable. We don’t know what level of care is required here but what if it’s for meals and or medication both of which need to be taken regularly. Again apologies if I have offended I know that most carers are committed to their work. Jan Ps should we be concerned that it is nearly a week since hearing from the original poster?

Sorry just realised care requirements were stated…

I too have been a carer and of course like everyone else we have bad things going on sometimes, kids are ill, car is dodgy etc but I would never have let my patients/clients down without a massive reason and if I could not be reliable I could not have done the job. My opinion only folks. Just would have had to hand in my notice if it happened that I lwet someone down more than once…thats just my nature.

Carer,s do have a tough time, no pay when travelling between jobs etc if working for agency … no holiday pay…lowest wages anyway but if you genuinly want to be in the job you do not let your clients down, care-r should mean just that. You care.

The more important it is to you that your carer is reliable, the more advantages there tend to be in going with an agency rather than with an individual.

That way, it is the care agency’s problem when someone phones in sick or whatever - it will be their responsibility to make sure that somebody turns up. So you shift some of the risk away from you and on to the agency. Because the agency is responsible for making sure that someone turns up, there is a cushion between you and the individual carers’ circumstances. At the moment, there is no such cushion: your carer phones in sick, you have a problem. It doesn’t need to be that way.


Here we go ends up being a squabble this website bores me!

Aww, no anon. I can think of lot’s of ways to describe this website…lovely ways of course :slight_smile: never boring :slight_smile: xx

I wanted to private message the original poster of this thread but I can’t to an Anon. I wanted to say please don’t be upset by the way this thread has turned out. I’m sure we are all concerned about your level of care we just have different approaches to it. If you would like to chat message me or perhaps as I’m a newbie you would feel better messaging a more familiar name. Take care hope you get sorted soon. Jan

if a ‘carer’ has at least one day off a week the first thing the person receiving the care will wonder when he/she wakes up is whther or not the carer is going turn up. Not a good situation.

Hi Anon.

It depends on how your carer is paid. IF they are paid through Direct Payments you know she doesnt get sick pay right?

If she is being paid through an Agency I would talk to them.

If you are paying her out of your own money, I hope you are not paying her for days off sick.

If you are paying her whilst she is sick, then she is taking the proverbial I am afraid. She is using your kindness.

I have had a care giver PA for five years through DP. She has only ever been sick about a few times. As I am on DP i can get someone else in to help me if I need to if its in my budget.

So if she is taking that much sick I hope she isnt being paid.

I would sit her down, and say to her that she is now on probation. You need to tell her that because of your illness you need reliability. Ask her if there is anything going on in her life you should be aware of. If she cannot work within the contract of your needs you have to tell her that you will need to seriously think about replacing her.

You need record this verbal warning.

Give her 2 months to improve. If nothing then I would give her a written warning, and tell her if she cant attend to you then she will have to go, give her another 2 months to improve. IF nothing then you dismiss her.

You need to give her a chance to explain why she is always sick.

IF she is on DP talk to the provider who does your wages etc.

IF you need any help contact me hun, I am sure we can get this sorted for you. It is pointless having someone care for you if they are so unreliable.


IF you are a carer now through Direct Payments you do get holiday pay. Both my girls get good holiday pay and they are both on national guidelines which is now 10.00 ph.

Hi GG62…I use DPs and am told the max I can pay them is £9.07…I have that in writing from my care plan manager. And yes they do get decent holiday pay, which is good.

Sorry to the OP to use this thread to mention that.

luv Pollx

They get slightly more here, but i add some pennies to bring it up to 10.00 an hour which i was allowed to do lol.

I think they are wll looked after on DP. My girls have been with me 5 years now.