Carers absence (again)

It’s me again with the unreliable carer. She was off sick again one day last week and now she has called today to say she feels too ill to come in this week at all. Enough is enough. I am going to bite the bullet and say goodbye. Had a look back in my diary and she has managed to call in sick at least one day every week, sometimes two days and now the whole week. If it isn’t cos she’s ill it’s because of car trouble or her husband is ill (or her friend is ill). She only does 12 hours a week…!!! Grrrrrrr…


you can’t be starting every day wondering if the carer is going to turn up.

Put bluntly it seems as if she’s taking the p***.

you will be doing the right thing in, as Gwyneth Paltrow would say, ‘uncoupling!’

YAH glad your doing it at last


You must report her through the proper channels - to the council, as we’ve been saying throughout.

I know you don’t want to get anyone into trouble, but seriously, she got herself into trouble - you’ve tolerated this far too long; you’ve got to put your own needs first now.

If you simply dismiss/reject a carer without explanation, I do think there’s every possibility you won’t be allocated another, as this would be viewed as your own choice - you can’t be forced to have a carer if all the evidence points to you simply having decided you don’t want one.

Therefore it’s essential you make clear to the council this is not your choice - it’s been forced on you because of months of unreliability. You DO still want and need a carer - you just want one who turns up!

I can’t stress enough how important this is. You are not doing the world a favour by covering up for someone who doesn’t do her job. You’re simply encouraging her to think she can get away with it, and she may be doing it to other clients, and even bragging to her friends that it’s a cushy number, and you hardly ever have to turn up, and encouraging them to work as carers, and enjoy the same racket! This can’t be allowed to go on.

It’s great that you’ve kept records, you can show these to the council as evidence! I can’t imagine for one minute they will try to defend this as acceptable. The only question will be why you didn’t say anything sooner. They should arrange you another carer without delay.

Please stop worrying about what’s the nicest thing for a con-artist, and start thinking about yourself, and other vulnerable people she may be letting down.



Do it please, just do it.