Universal Credit tribunal


I hope you’re all well.

I’ve been turned down for more universal credit benefit. I would like to appeal but I have to do it going down the tribunal route. I’ve started the form but now I’m stuck on the Grounds for Appeal. I’ve kind of started it but I’m a bit worried what to continue with.

Can anyone help?

Best wishes,


Aw Jo, I’d love to help but Universal Credit is outwith my knowledge of benefits.

All I can suggest is either get some help from the CAB or another welfare rights advisor. Failing that, have a look at Universal Credit - Citizens Advice You may have already done so.

I just wish you all the best of luck. And hope that someone can answer you with a bit more knowledge. That Universal Credit thing is evil. (Not literally, but I think rolling a whole load of benefits into one is just wrong!)


Hi Jo;

Contact the DLS Multiple Sclerosis Legal Advice Line | Disability Law Service as you see they are retained by the MS society to give welfare advice (appeals).


Hi everyone, George I did get in contact with DLS legal. One of their advisors phoned me and wrote to me with help. I had my Dad to help me too so my Universal Credit tribunal form is all done and will get posted on Tuesday. My Mum told me that my Dad will be coming to the Jobcentre with me for my next appointment. I don’t know how that will end! Best wishes, Jo