Unemployment solution?

We’re continually being reminded on the news of the escalating unemployment figures and lack of affordable homes in these dire economic times…solution!..[edited by Moderator]

…too late Vigilante, I am already in. Did not know that I had MS in 1995 when I entered ‘your’ country, otherwise I would have stayed in Holland! Yes, I (necessarily) do claim some benefits, although I prefer to work (P/T) if only they let me and do not treat me like an idiot, just because of my limitations (personal and family wise) AND the fact that I am from a different country.

Still, I think that I, for a part, understand where you are coming from, but please remember that EVERY ‘group’ has its bad elements, and they are the ones that usually ‘reach’ your newspaper and tv screen.

I have a question Why are rude offensive statements allowed to be posted.


“I have a question Why are rude offensive statements allowed to be posted”

I guess the best argument is that by leaving such repugnant posts in place it exposes the author as nothing more than an ignorant bigot. A difficult choice and one our Mods should not have to make on an MS forum.

Hi Silvia

The post was edited to remove the offensive content as soon as we spotted it.

Greg [admin]

hello vigilante, of course you are 100% right, we should stop all the foreigners at the borders, they are taking all the jobs the the lazy British worker can’t/won’t take, they are taking the benefits that should be paid to the lazy Brits who-like the man (?) from Dundee-father 16 children, with No 17 due in the next few weeks to 14 different young teenagers-that is the only job he, and the females, are capable of, all is achievable when you have benefits and won’t do anything to upset the applecart, even his own mum doesn’t talk to him now, vigilante, please, please take your nazi thoughts and stuff them where the sun don’t shine, brian

Hello Brian, I could not have put it better myself

Hey, Vigilante,

Why not donate your own repugnant self to science?


now now vigilante, in what way have I caused you to say that I am repugnant and should sell self to science, in today’s Britain (until this English wanted government change it by law) we have what is known as free speech, the same free speech that allows you to blame the ‘foriegners’ so if you stand up and speak therefore you must take any comebacks awarded to you, without the need of you to resort to such statements, brian

Hi Corrie,

I was referring to ‘Vigilante’ not to yourself. I simply found his initial posting to be unpleasant. There seem to be some crossed wires here,



good day Moira, ah, crossed wires, not unusual in my case, being, senile, a sandwich short of a picnic, a wire loose, an ejit, take your pick, please take the kindest one though, mis-understood, thanks, brian ps, away to sit in the padded room for a wee while and wear the back to front jacket, the one that buttons up at the back-sorry