Undiagnosed - Chest Pain


I am currently waiting diagnosis. I had a panic attack in the MRI machine so will now have to wait longer to find out what is going on. I won’t bore you with my symptoms but tonight I have woken with chest pain that is really bothering me. My pulse is normal, no breathing problems but I feel like I’m being squeezed. A bit of Googling (yes I know, it’s not very clever) and it looks like a fairly common Ms symptom. Is there any thing I can do to relieve it? It’s both sides, squeezing and burning pain. I’ve taken Omeprozole in case it’s heartburn (I don’t normally suffer with heartburn) but that hasn’t helped, sitting up made it feel a little bit better but it’s come back again and I need some sleep. I have tried a cup of camomile tea and some deep bretathing exercises

any advice would be much appreciated

Hi Dotty

you may be experiencing the MS hug.

this is when the intercostal muscles between the ribs go into spasm, a muscle relaxant such as diazepam will sort it.

before resorting to drugs try gentle stretching and a hot water bottle.

hope you feel better soon.

Carole x