Chest Pain - variant of the hug?

Hi all

I'm just wondering if anyone's experienced chest pain. I had the hug 2-3 months ago and when it started it happened with just intermittent pain in mychest when I moved to rapidly and my chest feeling a little tight on one side when I took a deep breath before I got the hug.

I now don't have the classical hug or banding but getting intermittent pain in my chest particularly when I move too rapidly or take a really really deep breath. (I don't think I'm having a heart attack or anything like that it's been going on for a week). 

Is this just a weaker version of the hug? Have any of you guys experienced this or am I speaking nonsense?



Hi Reemz,

I’ve experienced the hug a few times but it’s been 10 months since my last seriously painful hug. What I have noticed is that I too get chest pains but mine are all across the chest and I’ve learnt to think of them as spasms…I don’t know if they are spasms but that’s how I can describe them, almost mini cramps. I don’t know if this is similar to yours?

The very first symptom that started me on this road to possible ms was a horrific chest pain that started between my shoulder blades. It was so intense that I thought I was having a heart attack…and this was on a train journey on my own… ! Scary stuff!

I have read since that the ms hug has commonly been mistaken for a heart attack so who know…

Whichever/whatever it is, it is frightening

Speak to your gp and get checked out is what I would advice, if only to rule something out.

Take care and rest my forum friend

Mandymoo x

I've been getting something like this the last few days too - we seem to have so many similar things maybe you are my secret twin!! 

I have started to get a sharp sharp pain in my ribs sporadically which is triggered by nothing and have been wondering if it's related to everything else but it definitely doesn't 'squeeze' all the way round or anything.  I don't get it with rapid movement though - I'm not moving fast enough at the moment to even work that out! Could you have pulled a muscle?

Hope you're doing ok otherwise.



I get the same as mandymoo a horrible pain between my shoulder blades. It comes so suddenly that last time it happened I dropped what I was holding.

Hope you feel better soon

I know tell me about it Deb! :slight_smile:

Yes it’s definitely not the squeeze round which I had clearly before but more an area that I can pinpoint.

Haven’t pulled a muscle, it doesn’t feel like that so much - I’m wondering whether it’s a knot of muscle or a small area thats spasming. I had similar sort of sensation but more constant a few weeks back just under my ribs and I had one in my lower L abdomen which very strangely I never mentioned but when I went to the osteopath for some work at the time he said I can feel there’s a knot here.

I say rapid movement - I meant like if I quickly turned to reach something on my desk or turned to look at someone. The rest of the time I would say I have an awareness over that area.

Not too worried I don’t think I’m about to keel over anything but just very disconcerting as I’ll move and get the pain and then be like oooh. My partners just like what’s going on?

My GP I swear is going to think I’m a hypochondriac at this rate.

Hopefully it goes soon - not unbareable but just annoying



Thank you Mandymoo, Nikki and Deb! 

Will see how it feels over the next week and if it's still bothersome book myself in to see the GP. It really is the strangest sensation - glad I'm not the only one who gets these strange things. 


ps: hope you're all as well as can be.


Hiya Reemz,

I get something similar, it starts in my back and over the course of time will move round to my chest, feels almost like something gripping me around the side, not pleasant but a “hug” none the less, and always just on one side.

Go and see your doctor just in case but I wouldn’t mind betting it’s the grippies as my children call it :slight_smile:

Pen x

It'll be worth asking this on Everyday Living cos then the old-MonSters will be able to answer with certainty x 

That's a good idea Deb -I'll certainly put something up and see what everyone comes back with.

@ Pen gripping is certainly a good way to describe it. 



I get a very sharp pain that moves from my side to my midline, and never across it, occasionally. It's a very painful pain and is definitely neuropathic in origin, it's nothing like a 'trapped rib' pain, it's vicious. It can happen from my waist to half way up my ribs.

Never had any such thing before my first symptoms of electrical pain in the foot and numb legs, so am assuming it's the same problem, whatever it is.