Under investigation

My wife has MS and has been in receipt of DLA for about 6 years. I am her carer and can only work part time myself due to this. My wife continues to work 16 hours per week for a very understanding employer who appreciates her capabilities and is extremely supportive. Recently her employer showed her a letter she had received form DWP asking for details of her working hours and work done stating they were ‘investigating offences against my wife’. We are at a loss to understand what these ‘offences’ are and why the letter was sent to her employer. My wife has had no correspondence from DWP herself about these ‘offences’. Does anyone have any advice as this is causing my wife great distress at a time when she is suffering more than usual with her condition.

Another explanation could be that the DWP received a tip that benefit was being claimed fraudulently. They are duty bound to investigate such claims. If they had found anything untoward you can be assured that you would have been dragged in an interviewed under caution. The fact that you have heard nothing from the DWP shows that they investigated and found nothing - case closed.

You might be wondering who, among your acquaintances, would do such a malicious thing but it is more than likely somebody that you don’t even know. People are nosy, and judgemental. It just takes a neighbour to see your wife go off to work and get benefit fraud into their heads. You and I know that you can work and claim DLA but when did the facts stop busy bodies.

Try to put it out of your minds. If the DWP had an issue, they wouldn’t be shy about letting you know! A simple enquiry to your wife’s employer has answered their question (wherever that question originated) You are doing nothing wrong and have nothing to worry about. This is a situation where the DWP’s silence is golden



It may take some time for the DWP to contact you, but if you know that you did nothing wrong dont worry.

My daughter was on sick for a while and she got a letter telling her to go into there office, turns out they had been following her for a while they had accessed her bank accounts gas n elecrtic bill ect.

She had done nothing wrong either but they had by law to let her know that they had done all this behind her back, understandingly she was very upset to find this out,

Please dont worry as you know you,re not doing anything you should,t do so you might get a letter to go and see someone for them to let you know what they did.

Hopeing that this helps you take care .


Many thanks to all for messages. We will just have to wait and see but it all seems underhand and a bit devious. They must be desperate to meet targets for getting people off benefits. It’s the way of the world I suppose still my good lady is a bit brighter today.