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Sorry people I’m not happy. Going through appeal on ESA and DLA. Just received paperwork for appeal on DLA. Made the big mistake of using support provided by DWP and apparently I have used MS web site to learn of symptoms of MS, his words are: She did mention that she looks at the MS society website and I do wonder whether she has got some of the symptoms from there, although she fully believes that she has MS and suffers the symptoms as described by her. What I actually told him was I use the MS chat room for support and to communicate… Their are several other assumptions made on what I said and been interpreted from his level of understanding. The moral is do not use help of DWP ever. What I would like to say at the moment is to rude to print!!!

hi mintel oh how i can relate to your story about the dla appeal process!!! i went to an appeal for dla in june and it was the worst day of my life the panel was a doctor , a judge , a dissabled person, and i was grilled for over and hour it was horrible to have to justify to a panel to get what you deserve . i felt like i was on trial. however the outcome was in my favour but it took nearly 18 months of fighting to get it !!! never give up keep fighting for what you deserve and get your GP on board and gat as much evidance as you can to appeal again. regards bairdy

Thank you Bairdy, Going to use CAB this time, I’m really glad to hear they saw sense in the end with you. I have no choice other than to persevere and I’m hoping that I will have results of the next lot of tests prior to the appeal. The decision makers have already commented on the conflicting medical evidence so hopefuly that will be clarified. Got shot of last Gp as he was a bigot, when we first discussed the possibility of Ms he ended up by saying that there was no point in diagnosing something that could not be treated. Then another time it was, I know you like to think you have Ms… Oh and joy of joys I have to see him for treatment next week for the first time since I told him he got paid to much money for doing nohting :lol: He’s the only one that does minor surgery, so that will be fun. He finds me rarther scary!! :shock: New Gp is definately onboard with me and is actually being considerate, which is all I need really. Take care Deb

mintel wrote:

there was no point in diagnosing something that could not be treated.

What an IDIOTIC thing for a GP to say!!! I am very glad you got a new one. I haven’t heard of a DWP support thing before. Curious why the DWP would support someone in an appeal effectively against themselves? Confusing! If it’s not too late, get some help from CAB and/or join the benefitsandwork website - it’s full of excellent info. Karen x

Well chuffin ell, eh! The barefaced cheek of these people to twist your words…as if youd just decided to have symptoms others describe! I want to thank you for alerting us all to this, at your own expense too! Hope you win your appeal...you know, you can get help from Age UK with the appeal...and I am sure they wont trick you either! luv Pollx

Thank you ladies, Hi Karen, DWP provide assistance with completing the initial application as I was not in a good place at the time I mistakenly thought I would let them do it. Now know better. Hi Pol. Bless you… Age Concern, yey to young!!! only a couple of years to go and then they will be an option. Had to laugh at that one though as having issues with upcoming grandma ( next March) for first time. It’s been very difficult feeling like a seventy year old health wise and now have to have label of grand, although said that way sounds kind of cool… Hope for me yet. Best wishes Deb

that is terrible. I cant say im suprised but that dose not excuse them. I had help from the benafits advice teem with my local concil and they were just as bad. I eventulay went to CAB and they did get things sorted for me. Ie with me winning both esa and dla. Ok only lower rate but its still alot better than a kick in the teath

Ah! That makes sense, but how like them to do it badly :frowning: Don’t worry about your age - Age Concern will help regardless. Definitely a good idea to enrol someone who knows what they are doing. DWP/ESA/ATOS will try every trick in the book to disallow claims :frowning: Good luck! Kx

The problem is you have to be so careful what you write on these forms as the officials can easily turn it around as they have with you by saying you got most of the symptoms from MS forum. The thing is you dont have to join the MS forum to get the symptoms you can just google MS symptoms and there are pages and pages of information. They should realise that people need to join these forums purely for support nothing else. Numptys lol. One thing for anyone who is going through the DLA process make sure you photocopy your form because I know someone who missed the appeal because they contradicted what they had put on the initial paperwork under the duress of the appeal court (it felt like a court she said lol). DLA is for mobility and care. The government are trying to cut down so anyone who is filling in these forms now are on a hiding to no where unless they are totally unable to walk a few metres and can not do much for themselves. If you are walking and can work, and can do most things for yourself it will be very hard to get the DLA even if you have a diagnosed MS. I know several people now who have been denied. I hope your appeal goes well for you its a hard process and all this stress just further excerbates conditions. :evil:

Thank you for your replies, called age concern. They do not offer that service in this area I now have an appointment with CAB in a couple of weeks. I did use the benefit and work website to prepare for the ESA assessment and was reasonably prepared for what to expect, the problem arose when the questionnaire was not used. Not only was the questionnaire not used, but I was spoken down to and spoken over. 15 years ago I was a welfare and benefits advice worker and advocated for many benefit applications, I am frankly appalled at a new level of ignorance displayed by those implementing the benefits system. Problem being is when you are intellectually capable but have physical limitations they presume that you are fine. They resent being questioned and you asking for clarification. As in the ESA employee whose stated that only those who are terminally ill are placed in the support group. Thing is with the appeal I have the previous correspondence but what I can not do is decipher handwriting, it is appalling. For the past year I have suffered with blurred vision, I only have sight in one eye and attempting to read for any period of time is not an option. Both appeals contain 50 odd pages. Oh joy. Bless them I have no intention of allowing them to stress me too much. Thank you all Deb xx

The utter w**kers! :evil: Clare

Hi to all

I have been a member of benefit and works for a few years now and it is an excellent site.

If you are not aware of the changes being made to the benefit system I suggest you take a look at this site - but be prepared to be shocked it is not easy reading by any account.