DLA nightmare

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some advice if anyone has any.

I was diagnosed with R&R MS over ten years ago and as advised claimed DLA putting my worst day on the form. I was given a lifetime award, which for my worst day is right but on my better days an outsider would not know there is anything wrong with me and I work.

I am currently being investigated for benefit fraud based on the fact I am not as ill as what I said I was and the DWP have had investigators following me for some time gathering evidence and are looking to prosecute me which if found guilty could lead to a prision sentance due to the length of time I have been on benefit.

I am out of my mind with worry, I as far as I am aware I never commited a crime, my worst day has not changed and of course I dont go out the house on them days to be filmed. Has anyone had any experience of this. I have contacted so many organisations - CAB, DIAL, Welfare Rights etc etc but everyone is just passing me on and I am getting knowwhere.