Unable to login to order a booklet from the MS Society shop

I am confuzzled! Do I need to register separately for the rest of the website?

Does it need to be something different to my forum login?

Anyone know?

All you need to do is “order online”.

The “login” is for professionals and branch members who have created an account (my guess is that this is for bulk orders).

Just remember to search the list to see what publications you want first.



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AH! Well thank you very much :smiley:

Hiya Jells, just been looking around the site for you.

See the orange boxes along the top? Click on SUPPORT

Then a new page appears, look down the left hand side at blue boxes.

Click on library and literature.

There you should be able to click on the information leaflets you want.

If this works, then I am a super star…`cos I am usually a dinosaur when it comes to techno stuff.

Let me know if it works, yeh?


Aw thank you Poll!

The good Doctor Geoff pointed me in the right direction, but I’ve never looked on the Support tab before (I really don’t do well with checking out what’s right in front of my face without an outside prompt, sadly) so you’ve helped me too :smiley:

can I ask what the D means at the end of your responses please?

I`m curious!


Hehe, It’s a text emote of a happy face. Eyeballs and a big grin, like so :smiley: Just need to look at it sideways!

Most emotes require a left tilt, though if I hop the eyeballs over the D and you look at it from the right, it becomes a horrified face instead! D:

tmtsfm…too much techno stuff for me!


Haha, sorry

I could go for an upright one for you instead? How about a bunny? / ( ’ x ’ ) \

just a plain old x would do me ta chuck!


Just for you then…