Info needed Pls


Can someone pls tell me how to access the free booklets /brochures within this webpage pls? I need the books that i was given , via the MS Website; to be delivered again. I don’t seem to be able to find them atm. I am looking to get the ones about ‘Fatigue and Management of Fatigue’ and ‘Pain Management’ and Ms info in general pls.

Hope you are all well as can be with this thing,


Anna x


there used to be a heading “publications” on the orange banner at the top of this page but it seems to have vanished.

give the helpline a ring and ask them how to access these leaflets. 0808 800 8000

carole x

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you need to go into ‘support’ in the orange banner above, then there’s a list if things on the left of the page ‘publications’ is there.


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