Tysabri trial in SPMS

Hiya all,

Just had a phone call from the QE in Brum about taking part in the trial for Tysabri and if it helps people with SPMS. Don't know how i feel a little excited, a little apprehensive.....but overall very lucky

I have gone Anon as i don't really know if i am allowed to broadcast the fact that i have been asked, Don't worry i will tell you who i am when i no its ok


So much for going ANON.........This site is amazing at times

I go to the QE for tysabri - I'm RRMS though - I have been on it for just over a year now, they are a great team of people in the infusion ward.

Hope the tysabri works for youthumbsup

Cheers Floopy,

I am under Dr Mazibrada at the QE at the moment and think he is great as are all the nurses. This is a double blind trial so neither me or the consultant will no till the end if i was given the Tysabri or a Placebo !

Mind you i am SPMS so nothing to lose really



Hi John,

You are one of the lucky once,if i remember right 850 people in 15 countries,maths never my stong subject ,about 57 people per countries.

I hope it works,for the people behind me,but it is still about 7-10 years before it gets the go ahead.

How long is the trial for?

Wish you well.


You were anon - you only see your name if you’re the poster.

Greg [admin]