Tysabri & SPMS


Went through the screening at QE in Brum yesterday to see if i meet the criteria for the Tysabri in SPMS trial. MRI booked for end of April and they even gave a date for the 1st infusion so hopefully i meet the criteria.


I hope it goes well John my friend from New York has been be on Tysabri over a year now she's SPMS it has stopped the progression and has really improved her brain function (thinking, memory and working things out) she's really pleased with that she said anything that can slow or stop things getting worse is really good.


Exciting!!! GOOD LUCK!

Karen x

Cheers Mark its a double blind trial so there is a 50/50 chance i might not be on the Tysabri but at least its some hope for those with SPMS for future medication

It is very exciting and thanks


Fingers, and everything else that crosses, crossed that you don’t get the placebo!


Hello John

I've also got 2ry Prog MS, put name down for trial, hospital is in London.

Like you say it is a 50/50 chance of being a placebo but no risk leads to no gain.

I've heard good news about the drup so fingers crossed.

Good luck to you, my fungers are crossed that I'm called forward for the trial.