SPMS &Tysabri Trial

Hiya all,

Had my first infusion on the Tysabri in SPMS trial yesterday, no idea if i had Tysabri or the Placebo.

Long day with loads of assessments & tests, however at least its underway at last


Good for you John; I hope you are not too worn out by it all.

Take care


Hi John

Good luck on the trial.

If you are on the placebo - does that mean you are free from any dmd’s?

I know some people with spms still relapse and are on dmd’s still.

I take it that everyone on the trial no longer fit the criteria for dmd’s and are not taking anything now.

Sorry if i am being dim!

I am still rrms at the moment but am interested in any progress - for obvious reasons! lol!

I hope you get the Tysabri and not the placebo and i hope you get great results from it.

Are you allowed to talk about the trial? if so keep us updated as to how it is going.

Best wishes



Yes your right to be on the trial you have to be free from relapses so no longer fit the criteria for DMD’s and not taking anything now,

I am free to talk about it and will continue to post updates for the next 24 months

John x

Thanks John,

Its about time there was something for all those people out there with SPMS.

As brog64 has told me it is possible that people in Australia can get Tysabri for PPMS.

Wouldn’t that be great also? I think another trial would be needed for that?

Why has this not gone ahead yet?

Keeping my fingers crossed for you

Teresa. x