Tysabri & SPMS

Just got the phone call from the QE in Birmingham that i have been accepted by Biogen to start the trial of Tysabri in SPMS.

Its a double blind trial so heres hoping i get the good stuff

John have my fingers crossed for you to get the good stuff too!

I go to QE too, first time yesterday... its amazing was so impressed by the building!!

Fingers crossed for you.


Thank you


Tomorrow I'm going to Barts for tests to see if I can be accepted for Trial of Natalizumab in SPMS.  Not too sure iff its the same Tysabri

Good luck to John.  Finally they are finding things that slow down or stop SPMS and able to trial them.

Fingers crossed for everyone,



Yes it the same trial

Good luck hope you get on the trial

Yes it the same trial

Good luck hope you get on the trial

good luck, hope you get the real stuff,and it works wonders for you,let us know how you get on.


jaki  xx

Cheers Jaki,

Don’t worry i will keep everyone informed

John x

That is really good news, hope you get the real stuff and it does the business for you.

Thanks for blazing a trail for the rest of us SPMSers

Do let us know how you get on.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH!!! Brilliant news happy2

Karen x

Well done both of you  for getting on the trial. I hope you're on the good stuff and that it works well for you.


Hello to everyone.

I will keep you updated through my website and also announce it on Facebook and Twitter'

The website is, Facebook is Twitter is :

I too hope it works, people are talking about it in a very positive way.

Fingers, legs and toes are crossed!



good luck with the trial Patrick,hope it goes your way.


jaki  xx

I have everything crossed for you both. Good luck. Patrick I will follow your progress on Facebook.

            DL xXx

Good Luck, Patrick

Good news, will be following your progress.

My husband has SP, but is too old for the trial as the upper limit is 58.

Still who knows for the future?

Keeping everything crossed for you.




Good luck both of you


Good luck John; hope it works for youheart.


Good luck to you too Patrick