ASCEND trial


Anybody out there on the ASCEND trial for tysabri for people with SPMS?

I had my first infusion at the start of September. How are you finding things, has it made any difference, do you feel better, did you have a lumbar puncture? So far not made any difference.

Its my first trial, the drugs I take are only to make the symptoms easier to live with, no DMT

I was diagnosed in 1995 but nothing significant happened until 2003 and since then it has been a slow skid down the slippery slope.



Hiya Patrick,

Had my 5th Infusion about 3 weeks ago and not noticed any differance or improvemant yet. I know its a double blind trial but i think i am on the Tysabri as had a nasty itchy/blotchy reaction during my 2nd infusion which i understand is quite common.

I didn’t have a lumbar puncture as i was told they weren’t doing them at the QE in Birmingham.

The trial is a big commitment but hopefully it will be worth it



Just passed week 72 for this trial. Balance has got worse but EDSS stable at 7 and 9-peg test still at about 30 seconds. Problem is nobody knows if its a placebo.

I’m JC +ve so got to talk about continuation after 96 weeks. There are quite a few SPMS trials coming up.

Ah well must wait and see